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2 years later and I’m still learning about new apps that are helping me on my Blogging journey. I thought I’d make a post about apps i use for blogging on here, and maybe some of these might come in handy for you, WHO KNOWS! Maybe you’re a blogger looking for new apps to use (I might mention all the apps you already use and if I do I’m sorry!) or maybe you’re friends/family who are just coming across this post and thought “eh, why not give it a read”.


UNUM has been my saviour when it comes to Instagram. Planning photos on here has seriously helped me suss out SOME SORT of theme and I am eternally grateful. I’m not sure if it actually posts for you because hell, Instagram has had some almighty issues lately (am I right or am I right?) but it does allow you to write your caption so it saves time when you come round to posting your photo at any given time. There are times when I come on to Instagram and I’m staring at the caption space just like “…”.


Another brill app! Unfold gives you TONS of templates which you can pop your photos in to make them look really cool. Some of them you need to pay like £1/£2 for but I feel like I use them all the time so definitely get teh use out of it!


Huji. The app that took the world by storm last year. Well it took me by storm and I absolutely love it. It adds a super retro effect to your photos, like they’ve just been developed from a disposable camera! There’s a paid feature where you can upload photos from your camera roll and put the filter on them instead of only being able to take photos.

PS Express

This is basically the mobile version of Photoshop. I feel like it’s not anywhere as good as using the laptop version, but if you’re wanting to edit small bits of a photo like bringing out the colours I like to use this.


Another OG app which I absolutely love and don’t use anywhere near enough. I’m such a disorganised blogger I seriously need to up my game. Buffer basically schedules your posts for a range of social media, but I tend to use it for my Twitter and Facebook accounts. The only downside is that it only allows you to schedule up to ten posts per social media, so this is what I always tend to forget to top up during the week!

If you have any apps that you love to use for blogging please drop a comment and let me know! I’m always on the look out for other apps to use!


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  1. 04/04/2019 / 20:10

    This is such an interesting read, I don’t use half of these but I really should! Thank you so much for the advice you gorgeous lady xxx

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