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August Favourites!


Ello Ello! And it’s September! What the actual hell!? August went fast but also quite long didn’t you think? What did you all get up to this summer? We had the best weather but I got to the point where I needed to be cold! You feel me? I for one am totally ready and excited for jumper season now! I actually moved all my summer wardrobe out at the end of August and ordered a load of jumpers from ASOS.

I had a lot of things going on towards the end of the month, but at the beginning I had the best time meeting up with some other Suffolk bloggers at the Urban Jungle for brunch! I had never been, but wowwww it’s so lovely! The brunch was incredible! I’d love to go there more often but it’s quite a drive away from me, I met so many lovely people though and have started to feel like I’m really in this bloggers thing!

Throughout the month I found some new bits which I have fallen in love with! The first being FOAM shower gel! Yeah! FOAM! I know I sound really dumb and it’s probably been around for quite a while, but I was wandering around Tesco trying to kill some time and my childish self’s eyes just lit up when I saw it! I decided on the limited edition marshmallow scent from Imperial Leather and I honestly if it tasted as good as it smelt I could eat it!

The next one is a film that recently hit Netflix. “To All The Boys I Loved Before”. Oh. My. God I flipping loved it! It’s the perfect typical American boy meets girl movie which I’m just a sucker for, you can tell what the plots gonna be but I really love those kinds of films! Basically if you haven’t seen it (what are you doing?!) the main character Lara had written letters to crushes he had previously and hid them away, they end up getting sent out to the boys she liked and one of the boys takes up a fake relationship deal and they end up falling for each other. Cheesy but also cute af. Go and watch it!

My polka dot obsession has come out in full force, peaking in August particularly! I even made a post >> HERE << alllllll about it! From tops to my flatlay backgrounds, I’m obsessed. I found @JustLiving on Instagram and found POLKA DOT WALLPAPER. I am seriously this > < close to getting some for my room. It’s an obsession. Idk if it’s unhealthy 😉

Last but not least. Jorja Smith. LOVE. HER. @Elleceliaa suggested her whilst we were talking about tb Florence and the Machine and her music is soooo good! I’m that kind of person though who will literally listen to something constantly on Spotify until I’m sick of it. Yeah I’m THAT person. The bf gets soooo annoyed when I put them on every time we get in the car, apparently I ruin them *eye rolls*.





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