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Oh hello! I’m back again! With ANOTHER Body Shop post? YUP! You heard it right! I have a new scent OBSESSION and I think I have pretty much every single product in this scent possible. BRITISH ROSE. Oh my life.

It all started when The Body Shop yogurts came out (if you haven’t tried these btw what are you doing with your life, go in and give them a try!) I was hooked on it. The smell is absolutely incredible! It’s a perfect flowery and light scent for this summer! Plus the product is just bomb too to be honest. I actually bought another one of the yogurts because I was starting to run out *cries*. But now my friends, I can slather this ALL OVER ME without a worry I’ll run out! If you’re looking for a moisturiser which doesn’t make you feel nasty in the summer. Not being funny but at the moment I’m chucking on sun cream and after sun and I feel icky all the time! Its horrid. So it’s so nice to actually put something on and not feel “eww” afterwards!

So obviously after the great success with the yogurt, my obsession with the British Rose scent started to grow. I grabbed the spritz because I am flippin’ obsessed with any body sprays. I love em! Its so nice and refreshing to chuck some of this on during the day.

I think my parents caught on to my growing obsession because I got more to add to my collection! Hand cream and moisturiser, I mean if I remembered to apply all of these I would probably smell of rose all day which I would bloody love, but when I love a product a lot I’m really reluctant to use it and I end up making things last decades, using as little of it as possible! Sad? Probably.

That’s all for now! What’s your latest obsession? Have you tried these AMAZINGGG body yogurts?


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