Brighton || Red Roaster!

Yup! This is yet another Brighton post! I don’t even care, I absolutely LOVED going down there and seeing so many awesome sights and finding gems just like these! I obviously found the RedRoaster from following Poppy Deyes on Instagram, and I figured whilst we were there why not check it out?! Honestly this place is what dreams are made of! The gorgeous marble tables, soooo many green plants and the white tiles?! I absolutely loved it!

The staff there were really warm and friendly! They welcomed us as soon as we came in and it was super busy, but they managed to clear a table for us relatively quick so we weren’t waiting long at all! We didn’t want anything too filling so we just ordered some fries, a cake and this beautiful hot chocolate! Even when I had drunk half of it, it still had a cute lil heart there which was a really nice touch! Once again we were somewhere that just SHOUTED Insta AF, so I had to take quite a few photos whilst we were in there! Also, upstairs, the toilets, were AWESOME! If that’s even the right way to describe a bloody toilet! We had to take advantage of this amazing mirror with lil plants at the bottom, took some slefies and boomerangs for Insta!

Ok I promise this is the last post now for Brighton! Hope you enjoyed my couple of posts!


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