Bury St Edmunds | Gastrono-me Breakfast Review!

Gastrono-me has landed back in Bury St Edmunds! Hurrah! To be completely honest I can’t remember if I ever went in there when it was open before, but its back and it looks absolutely amazing! I love the bright blue walls, that’s just BOOM right in your face as you walk down or up the hill! I noticed that Gastrono-me was advertising on Instagram for people to contact them to get slightly earlier booking before the actual opening on the 29th which I will try and get this up by! I quickly nabbed the email address and emailed them quickly as it seemed they had quite the demand! Luckily I was contacted promptly and we booked a reservation for Wednesday the 28th at 10AM which meant we could try the lovely looking breakfast I saw on the Trip Advisor website! I had a glance at the menu before to see what kind of breakfast they offered and damn, it sounded SOO good! I saw they also offered a ‘Bottomless Brunch” as well which sounds amazing, you get a main and then unlimited breakfast cocktails! YES PLEEEASE!

We rocked up to Gastrono-me, and I mean firstly, can we all please just look at the building and take it in? I absolutely love the branding of this place, and it’s all tied in throughout the place! Side note: They have free wifi and there’s none of that “sign up and give away your contact details” lark, you just connect! Plain and simple! 

As soon as I walked in, I kinda knew I would be obsessed with this place! I mean just look at the décor! It’s a DREAM come true for any Instagrammers! I couldn’t  stop looking around and  staring, just absorbing everything! We we’re instantly greeted with a lovely member of staff and shown to our table. The staff there were really welcoming and attentive! Neither of us could get over just how cool it was, plus the vibe was really nice! You felt instantly chilled out and I never felt a burden, you know when sometimes in places you get served quickly and its all a bit of a rush?  

We had a good ol’ look at the menu again, and after looking for a little while I decided to go for a Buck Rarebit (£7.95) which sounds hilarious, and Guy had The Kevin (£7.95), honestly I did think at first maybe it would be an all fancy, small portions y’know, but they did not disappoint! GOOD GOD. I think I had a breakfast baby! Neither of us could finish our meals despite how much I wanted to because there was SO MUCH there! Guy’s was like a mountain of sourdough toast, scrambled eggs and these little bits of bacon! *drools*. I could eat mine all over again in tell ya! Mine included toast with bacon, mustardy cheese and a lil fried egg on top! LOVED IT! I don’t think I ate much the rest of the day because it was THAT filling!

I cannot wait for this place to open properly and see what everyone else thinks to this gorgeous day and night café coming back! I will most certainly be going back for dinner or lunch to see what the food and atmosphere is like at different times of the day! I really couldn’t recommend this place much more, you guys MUST go if you ever find yourself in Bury St Edmunds! 

I’m OBSESSED with this plant-hanging thing with the lights coming off of it! And the way the table goes all the way around it! This was straight through the back of the café and kinda feels like you would be tucked away from the busier part at the front!

I came across this cute af little seating bit right outside the toilets and its SO COOL! Btw if you ever come in here, make a point of going in the toilets! In the least weird way possible, its bloody awesome and so nicely decorated!




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  1. nan jenn
    30/03/2018 / 15:48

    Sounds a must try placexx

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