Bury St Edmunds | The Coffee House!

I hope everyone is liking my little reviews of the odd places I’m going to! Let me know if there are any places I should try out/review because I’m always up for trying new (to me) coffee shops or restaurants! On to this blog post though! Last Sunday morning  before work me and mum visited The Coffee House over on the Moreton Hall! Mum had been pestering me for a coffee over there all week so I  gave in and we popped in there for a cuppa!


I had only really driven past this place before so didn’t really know what to expect. Although this place is proper tucked away from everything, it was actually a little busy which I was really surprised by, not too busy that there wasn’t enough tables about but there were enough people about so you weren’t just sat there in an incredibly awkward silence. What I instantly loved about this café though was how open it was! You could just sit at one of the tables and just stare out the window watching people go about their day all afternoon! I really liked the feel of the place too. You came in and were welcomed by some lovely girls who were really friendly and happy to answer any questions you had.

We picked a booth in the corner because I really wanted a booth. Yes. I am a child. I B-lined for the booth. I was bloody starving too so didn’t really look at the menu, I just wanted something instantly that I could inhale! I went up and ordered, settled on a scone which was amaaazing *drools* and tea and coffee. I’m really sad and disappointed in myself because I forgot to take a photo of it in all it’s glory before I starting eating! Dammit! SHAME ON ME! You’re just gonna have to take my word for it, it was fab! I couldn’t wait any longer bc I was hungry af!

Whilst I was sat down, content after inhaling my scone I had a little look around (like you do) and I found out that they had so much more on the menu to offer me! There’s breakfast, lunch, snacks… ANYTHING! If only I had sat down and read! I’m really starting to crave a bacon butty!… May have to go back and have one… Also…There’s TONS of options for drinks! I had a little look and I just want to try everything! Now I’m thinking about it, I’m kinda glad I didn’t see the boards before I ordered bc I’m sure I would have been sat there for years trying to bloody decide what I wanted!

Have any of you been here? What did you think? Now I’m looking at the drinks again I kinda wanna to try a milkshake… 


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