The Plan For My Blog This Year

2019 seems to be off to a fab start for me motivation-wise at the moment. I have some small goals/plans for my blog which I would love to do this year.

My 2018 Roundup!

What a year it’s been, sorry to be one of those people but how bloody quick has it gone?! I feel like I’ve blinked and the years just gone!

Feeling Confident & Blogging.

first let’s throw it back to my first full body photo back in January, I couldn’t really get away with showing off a coat that I really loved via a flatlay much to my disappointment and so me and Guy went up the field near my house and got some photos of me in my new coat.

The Earrings I Need To Wear More!

Over the course of this year I have slowly become more and more interested in earrings. It’s weird to think literally a few years ago I couldn’t think of anything worse than hooped earrings, nowadays this is literally all i wear in my ears, which has left quite a few of my other earrings (i still love ofc) left in my draws untouched for a while

Putting Some Love Back In To My Hair.

  Alright bambinos! Hope we’re all having a lovely week! The weather isn’t as great as it once was, we’re now in that awkward in…

Let’s talk about university…

I thought now would be the best time to put a post up like this in case any of you guys are thinking “WTF do I do with my life” after you’re done with school. Maybe you’re thinking about uni, maybe uni’s the last thing on your mind, but hopefully this post will make you chill out a smidge more than you were, because throwback to a year or so ago I was in the same boat as you reading this.

Foot Care | The Body Shop

It’s official, the flip flops are coming out and I feel like I need to give my feet some loving! The Body Shop is obviously killing it with their foot care!