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Cherry Sweater Lovin’

I wonder if anybody has noticed… It’s actually April now and I haven’t mentioned anything about Primark OR posted anything new with clothing?! WHAA?! *cries* Don’t you worry my friends! I’ll sort you out with one right now! I couldn’t go an entire month without posting a lil something showing you my latest FRICKIN AWESOME FIND! (Yes I know I’m against my blue wall again, shut up I love it!) I think I’m getting lucky with Primark at the moment because I’ve been managing to find a cheeky little gem every time I go! I don’t want to go now just in case next time I go I get disappointed now bc I’ve jinxed it!

Anyway, the gem of the month is this AWESOME kinda cropped, striped cherry sweater from Primark! Woohoo!

I absolutely adore this sweater so much! Firstly because… It’s striped?! And I flippin’ love me some stripes, but to complete it you’ve got this pop of red from the cherries which is just sick! Love it! (get me trying to be all educated about fashion!) This year I have so much colour in my wardrobe, and I’m actually LIVING for it! There isn’t a bright colour you could say that I don’t have! And for a fiver you really can’t go wrong with this little piece!

I feel like as it’s FINALLY getting warmer too I can actually pair this thing with my ol faithful culottes from NewLook! WOOP! >> Here << which just make me so happy and ready for all the spring and summer weather bc I LIVE in these things! I’ve already gone on about these things in my blog post so I’m not going to bore you again! 

Have you found any gems in Primark recently? I hope you don’t mind the short and sweet post! 


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