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Now the warmer weather’s about, and to me it’s officially summer, I figured now is the perfect time to give you some clothes that for me are ESSENTIAL for summer! 

Now, if you’ve seen any of my “fashion-y” blog posts, you know I am obsessed with culottes. As soon as the sun comes out so do my ankles! My jeans just go straight in the bin (not literally) and until its socially acceptable and warm enough to get my dungaree dress on or flowy shorts, that’s pretty much all I live in, so its a good job I have an absolute ton of them!

Anyway, my first outfit for the summery weather which I really love is a dungaree dress. I got this one from Primark (obviously) and I love the fact its got a pouch at the front because that’s where pretty much anything I need goes! I am living for this polka dot trend we’ve got going on, so it wouldn’t make sense to drop something in! I’ve actually had this a few months too, I ordered it from ASOS, but its from MONKI which is a shop I’ve recently discovered and absolutely LOVE! We went to Westfield for my birthday a few weeks ago and we were talking to an employee in Lush, she complimented my top and I said where it was from and she said there was one there! I made a B line straight to the shop and honestly if I had the money I would have spent a BOMB! Its all really reasonably priced so I could easily but some bits and accidentally spend a fortune there, but if the lady in Lush hadn’t have said anything, I still would have assumed it was one of those online shops like Boohoo or PLT.

This is going to be my fave outfit for the summer, whether I’m going out in the evening or we’re having a BBQ in the garden. I can already tell I love it because I’m trying not to wear it too much! You ever feel the same? I got this bad boy in the sale from Select a little while ago, possibly in the summer sale last year (you can tell I’ve been planning this years summer for a little while!). I couldn’t find it but the website’s >> Here << If you wanna lil scrolllll. Its such a nice light material, and although its quite fitted/bodycon(?) I feel SOO flippin’ comfy in it, it’s unreal! As well, I mean it’s stripes? You can’t go wrong with stripes!

Below, again. OH LOOK! Polka dot! But the other way round this time, so it’s ok! I have been trying to find a simple polka dot dress that doesn’t make me look horrid for a little while now! Thanks to Klarna on ASOS I have ordered QUITE a few dresses to try on, both for a laugh and seriously. The bardot ones just don’t sit right with me and they are SUPER annoying, and you end up reaching for something and the rest of the dress follows up with you! This lil swing dress is from ASOS, I’ll try link it >> here << again, if I can find it! This dress is a lot lighter than the playsuit above, almost t-shirt material? I was so happy when I tried it on, because at long last the hunt was over! This is such a cute dress, and makes me feel all girly, because believe it or not my legs do not enter dress or skirt region unless I’m 100% comfortable in it! I hate wearing  shorts, skirts or dresses in the summer because if you get too hot or you’re walking for a little too long you get the almighty chafe between the legs! Its awful!


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