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Depop. My New Love!

I’ve realised over the past month or so that trying to be a fashion blogger is hard. First world problems, right? But seriously.

I go out with Guy every other weekend or so to get photos for the gram and my blog, and I find it quite difficult to find pieces in my wardrobe that I can wear in a dozen different ways. Or I feel like I’ve worn clothes to death and God forbid you re-wear an outfit! I know compared to other fashion bloggers I might not have that many followers etc etc, but I still want to have a feed where I’m not wearing the same pair of jeans (the Missguided mom jeans I got a month ago which I have been trying SO hard not to wear in every photo but they are SOOOoooOOO comfy) and top.

Recently however, I have found some midsize bloggers who sell their clothes on Depop. And I think that’s when my obsession started tbh.

DEPOP! My new love!

I actually found this green polka dot DREAM off of Kitty Luxe’s profile and I am bloody obsessed with it!

close up photo of girl in green polka dot wrap dress, in front of blossom tree
photo of girl smiling in green polka dot wrap dress, sat under blossom tree

As I’m sure many of you already know because I harp on about it so bloody much – I’m an apprentice – so I get paid £3.70 (now £3.90 WOOP WOOP) an hour for my first year which has been H-A-R-D trust me. It’s really made me think a lot more about the quantity of clothes I buy and oml I can NOT afford that at ALL, it’s a complete waste of money for someone like me who needs to run a car etc. So I started looking to cheaper websites like Nasty Gal, PLT, BooHoo etc etc which would be a bit more affordable. Then I realised! DEPOP!

I have seen loads of fashion bloggers posting their clothes on their Depop for a fab price, and I’ve found it’s so much more affordable for me! Plus when I decide I want a clear out, I can shove all my bits on Depop (not an innuendo you dirty minded people!) and let people love them as much as I did, whilst earning a little bit of money too! A DREAM!

Another photo of girl smiling in green polka dot wrap dress, sat under blossom tree
photo of girl smiling in green polka dot wrap dress originally from Primark but bought from Depop. Stood under blossom tree

So from now onward expect a few of my outfits to be a Depopped (is that a thing?) item! When I buy off of Depop too, I feel like I’m sort of helping in some way towards the whole “fast fashion and everything surrounding it” thing. Ok they might not be from designer brands and cost me an arm and a leg, but that’s most certainly not affordable for me! I aM aN aPpReNtIcE aFtEr AlL.

I feel like I should plug my Depop now, since I’ve made a whole blog post about my love for it?

I’m “Abinunn999”


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