Why Depop Is Underrated, And Why You Should Be Using It!

I’ve realised over the past month or so that this fashion blogger thing is hard. First world problems, right?

But seriously.

Trying to find and buy clothes is not the easiest nor the cheapest. That’s why Depop has become my new love and why you should definitely be using it full stop.

I go out with Guy every other weekend or so to get photos for the gram and my blog, and I find it quite difficult to find pieces in my wardrobe that I can wear in a dozen different ways. I know I need to do one of those capsule wardrobe things, but I feel like I’ve worn clothes to death and God forbid you re-wear an outfit on the gram! I know compared to other fashion bloggers I might not have that many followers etc etc, but I still want to have a feed where I’m not wearing the same pair of jeans (the Missguided mom jeans) and top.

Recently however, I have found some midsize bloggers who sell their clothes on Depop. And I think that’s when my obsession with Depop started tbh.

DEPOP! My new love!

I actually found this playsuit/boilersuit thing off of Kitty Luxe’s profile and I am bloody obsessed with it! I don’t shave my legs often enough to wear it mind.

I have seen loads of fashion bloggers posting their clothes on their Depop for a fab price, and I’ve found it’s so much more affordable for me!

High Street or Depop?

A lot of the time if there’s something you see on a high street website it’ll most likely be on Depop for a fraction of the price! Obviously don’t go expecting things to be like £3/£4 because people have got to buy the packaging, ship the clothes as well as make a little bit of money themselves.

I know there’s the conversation that some people don’t like the idea of fashion bloggers selling their clothes once they’ve posted them on Instagram, because it looks as thought they’ve received an item- not really liked it – done the AD and then sold it. I obviously don’t know the case myself because I’m not them, but if I see something I like and want to buy it – IMMA BUY IT.

So from now onward expect a lot of my outfits to be a Depopped (is that a thing?).

When you buy off of Depop too, it’s definitely a way of sustainable shopping. I’ve spoken about this recently in a blog post about how to shop a bit more sustainably, so if you want to look a bit more into this and shop a bit more mindfully it’s definitely worth giving it a read

I feel like I should plug my Depop now, since I’ve made a whole blog post about my love for it?

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