A Little Drugstore Eyeliner Test!

I’m back in the eyeliner game lads! After what seems like centuries, I’m coming back to my trusty “friends” – I’ve used friends lightly bc they can be fricken uncooperative arseholes at times! But now I’m back, i have quite a dilemma! I can’t seem to find the right liquid eye liner that will stay on all day and doesn’t break the bloody bank! I have a few eyeliners here that I have tried and tested, and thought I’d create a little blog post with my findings just in case any of you need some assistance now or fancy jumping on the eye liner game! If you guys have any good recommendations for eyeliners pls let me know in the comments so I can see for myself! As long as I don’t have to take out a loan to buy it and it actually stays on my eyes all day, I’m game! 

Anyway, enough of my rambling, I think I’m going to start of with Tanya Burr Cosmetics liquid eyeliner! I recently found her bits in Superdrug and it was cheap af ( I think they were clearing the stock out or something) but this was like £3? I thought it would be rude not to give it a whirl! I was seriously confused though because its a twisty cap, so there was me trying to pull it off like a normal liquid eyeliner pen but ohh noo! QUITE THE OPPOSITE! I quite like the fact its not a pen, but at the same time I get on so much better with them because usually you have so much more control! With this a few times it would flick off somewhere else and make a mess of my eyes but for the most part its awesome! It actually lasts so far when I’ve been using it too! It’s the closest I’ve got to an eye liner that works!

Now this is peng eye liner packaging! The L’Oréal Super Liner is perfect for getting a fine af flick! Bloody brill!  If you’re anything like me who gets on better with pens, this is perfect! It lets you get a proper bomb flick and is pretty good because you don’t have to keep going round and round and round constantly going back over to get a decent cover on ya eye lid! The only downside? Like I said at the beginning it tends to smudge in the crease of my eyes after a while, so if you’re going out on the town for a few hours that’s fine, but I wore this on a full shift at work and ngl it left me with little smudgy bits and I was low key looking like a panda! This one is a little more pricey than the Tanya Burr one, at £6.99 which is pretty much standard price for a decent eyeliner!

As you can probably tell from the packaging, I’ve had this one quite a some time! It’s the Revolution Double Flick eyeliner, and it has two different sides which is awesome because you can go to the thin side and outline your wing (if you’re about that life) then come along with the thicker end to colour it in! Or depending on your mood, have a thick or thin flick! This one is back on the cheap ol band wagon at only £3.50, but again, I started to get super panda eyes if I wore this for a long period of time! 

Please give me some recommendations of eyeliners if you have a fab one you use allll the time! I’m in urgent need of some replacements that don’t give me panda eyes! Or even if you’re looking into getting one, maybe I’ll buy it and give ya my opinion! 


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