Fast Fashion And Ways We Can All Shop A Bit More Sustainable!

Ok so I wrote a blog post a couple of weeks ago all about how I felt I was becoming a shopaholic, the effects it had of me, as well as the effects it had around me. And then I had a think and realised – I know the MINIMUM about fast fashion. I had heard about it on the news recently and I knew it was becoming a HUGE deal that high street shops were pumping out so much stock week after week, but I never bothered to read much into it until now.


I shared the fact that I was completely out of the know on my socials and I received sooo many DM’s recommending articles and documentaries for me to soak up, and I was so thankful!

I also received a lot of messages of people saying they were really intrigued to read this blog post – because they were just as uneducated in this issue as I was!

What to watch

The first documentary I ended up watching was on iPlayer which was all about Stacey Dooley investigating into fast fashion. This was so shocking for me as I hadn’t obviously read into or watched much about fast fashion before this. Honestly some of the facts she comes out with is just CRAZY. A must watch!

Chloe – @clwrites_ on Instagram also suggested the True Cost on Netflix. This documentary is another huge eye opener, as it goes through the links between us wanting to buy cheap clothes and the lives of sweatshop workers who produce the goods.

What to listen to

Francisca Rockey’s latest podcast episodes talks about the importance of living sustainable, going vegan, fast fashion and how to shop smarter, as well as living sustainably on a budget

Bethany Austin on sustainable fashion. Her voice is fabulous, and the way she talks about fast fashion is so clear and easy to understand – also the statistics she shares are so shocking – lets just say don’t worry too much about running water when your brushing your teeth, stop buying t-shirts! – I know I’m guilty of buying too many tops and will be trying my hardest to stop buying so many!

What to read

Another gem from Bethany Austin – How to be a more sustainable shopper and avoid fast fashion – JUST. BUY. LESS. – something I’m definitely going to need to work on! I’m guilty of buying clothes wayyyy too often, and this had made me think about limiting myself every month. Say for example if I currently make two orders a week, that’s EIGHT orders a month. EIGHT. Do I really need that many clothes? NOPE. But seeing that and challenging myself every time I go to make an order – do I really need this top? I have like 20 in my drawer already. Is it different? What makes it so special to the other 20?

Nati Macchiato – 6 easy ways to make fast fashion sustainable – I have definitely taken some points away from this and going to be looking on Depop more frequently because when I see a popular product online I usually just grab it and run, but what if I could have gone on to Depop and found it half price? I’m kicking myself already ngl.

Elen Mai has also created some cracking blog posts which has given me so many different brands which I can shop. This guide of ultimate A-Z of sustainable brands is a top favourite. Also for any of my big boob gals, there’s a guide to sustainable bra shopping! SO SO useful!

Alice has some brilliant blog posts, i particularly liked this one about still being able to shop on trend pieces but secondhand, as this is something I definitely do myself already on Depop. You guys already know my love for Depop, and if you’re a fashion blogger and don’t use Depop – what are you doing first of all – second of all get yourself on there! It’s a fab place to find on trend items sometimes without the huge price tag too! It’s been a fab find for me this year, and definitely saved me a lot of coin!

I really hope me making this blog post has helped one of you in some way understand the importance of shopping sustainably. Will you be giving Depop a go?

Thank you to all these lovely ladies for coming to me with these brilliant pieces, it’s opened my eyes further – and hopefully it’s opened your eyes reading this now too! It just reiterates that making a small difference in your spending habits can do fab things, for you and for the environment. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to sit on Depop for the rest of the evening drooling over secondhand midi skirts.


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  1. 29/07/2019 / 12:22

    I’m really interested in learning more about fast fashion – I watched Stacey Dooley’s documentary a while ago and found it eye-opening! Both of the podcasts sound really interesting x

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