February Favourites!

Ok. February went way tooooo fast! We’re already in mid March like, wtf? 2018 slow tf down! I don’t want to turn 20 in May! *cries* 

My favourites is a bit of a random one this month! We got up to some really cool things, and I tried out a few new things! Also, please note, I got this marble effect stick on stuff for my desk from Wilko the other day, which I’m sorry(?) makes my attempt at flatlays look sooooooo sexy! So much better than a plain white background sometimes! Anyway, onto the things that you actually clicked on here for! My favourites for February! 

The first thing I thought I would chuck in the ol favourites this month was seeing Kendrick Lamar at the O2! My family seem to think I live there at the moment, but because I’m with O2 I have the O2 Priority thing and see these awesome artists that are on pre-sale and I’m like “Would be rude not to?”(Lets just spare a moment of silence for my savings which keep going up and down because of this!) I absolutely LOVED seeing Kendrick live though, he was SOOO good! I was hoping he might have slapped a few of his new bangers in there from the Black Panther film (another favourite to come!) But honestly, we all had a fab time anyway!

Now onto Black Panther which is my next favourite for February! OH. MY. GOD. This film is incredible. I’ve been to see this film twice, and honestly its probably one of my favourite Marvel films now!( Don’t hate me if you didn’t obsess over it like I did. ) I thought the soundtrack they released before hand was just flippin’ brilliant! Plus Kendrick was all over this too, probably another reason why I was so crazy about it. I loved pretty much the whole album for Black Panther which made me SOO excited to actually see the film! When I watched it, I was so “IN IT” I tell you, I was IN Wakanda. Listening out for the music I had heard and absolutely adored, I followed the story so much more and afterwards I could have watched it another 500 times. I haven’t ever had a film (that I can remember) where I genuinely have been this obsessed with, apart from Twilight when I was like 12! If you haven’t seen Black Panther and you’re looking for something to watch, WATCH THIS PLS. Then tell me what you think!

My next fave is a toothbrush. I know, how sad am I? But its no normal toothbrush OH NO. It’s electric my friends. I don’t think there’s been a point in my life where I have been excited to brush my teeth until now. I sound SO lame god dammit I’m sorry, but I really love it? It just gets in all the places I couldn’t with a standard toothbrush  and I feel so much more fresh and “hello, here are my teeth look I have cleaned them”. Ok enough of the toothbrush.

My next few favourites are more “normal” don’t worry! I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before on my blog, but I love using this Collection Eyebrow Kit, which I get in blonde. I just think its so easy to apply the brows, its literally like a 5 second job! I have tried something else which is coming in another blog post V V V soon, but I don’t really get on very well with other eyebrow products. I just find these work so much better, I get more of a pigment out of it, smack the clear mascara thing on top (can you tell I’m such a novice with make up?) of my brows and they stay there all day! This is SO cheap as well, so why wouldn’t I rave about it? I would like to try some other products though, so if you guys have any other relatively cheap products you use for your brows give us a link or something and I might give it a whirl! 

Last but certainly not least, has been in my favourites before but I’m just coming back to it! The Zoella Beauty Shower Shake so gorge and making me feel SO ready for the summer! After the winter my skin kinda needed a little bit more moisture chucked back in my life, so I have been using this again and have just fallen back in love? I can’t really get too attached though because I don’t want to use it all and have to pay £6 for it again *cheapskate alert*. It’s worth the money though because it does so much more than a standard £1 shower gel, it actually MOISTENS your body and makes ya feel all nice and squeaky?


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