Feeling Confident & Blogging.

Ok, first let’s throw it back to my first full body photo back in January, I couldn’t really get away with showing off a coat that I really loved via a flatlay much to my disappointment and so me and Guy went up the field near my house and got some photos of me in my new coat. I can still remember the nerves and the awkwardness I felt, Guy telling me to smile more and to not get embarrassed by the bloke minding his own business walking his dog. It was such an alien thing for me to do, I had no idea what the hell to do with my face, my arms or my legs! I felt SOO awkward and didn’t initially like the photos because it wasn’t really me, I didn’t do these kind of photos back at the beginning of the year.

Now I literally feel the complete opposite.

Now my face is slapped all over my blog and I literally feel indifferent when I see a photo of me. Whether it be a shit one of me or not. I think it’s definitely a confidence thing. Over this past year I’ve gained SOOO much confidence with blogging, reaching out and talking to people online and even now having a little bloggers group and meeting up every now and again is so nice! To be able to see people who do what I do in the flesh, and talk to them about blogging is so lovely and comforting because at the end of the day we’re all pretty much going through the same thing! Regularly going out with Guy and getting photos for Instagram or the blog has really boosted my confidence too. Ok I touch my hair too much in photos, I’m working on that! But I’m now at a point mentally where I’m constantly looking for a possible location for photos and I feel like Guy is probably getting a smidge miffed because every few weeks I want to go and get more! I’ve changed so much in terms of that, because I was so reluctant to get in front of the camera at first back in January, and now it just happens and I actually really enjoy(?) it and love seeing the photos when Guy edits them!

I’ve sort of trained myself a little mentally for these little shoots I do, if i’m getting a picture for my blog or for Instagram down a street and there’s people walking around I just tell myself there are tons of other bloggers doing exactly the same thing, getting their photos taken down a street and that these people who see me I’ll probably never see again!

Plus, if I want to take a photo of me in an outfit that I love and feel good in, I bloody will!



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