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Foot Care | The Body Shop

Yup its that time of the year again! Chuck away the boots and coats and out come the sandals and flip flops! Its finally feeling a bit more like summer! HURRAH! Now we never know how long the lovely hot weather is gonna last in the UK, so I always feel like I have to make the most of it when the sun actually decides to come out! 

I’m not really a super lover or hater of summer or winter to be completely honest! I absolutely loved having the snow back in April, much to most people’s disgust, but I also cant wait to chill all day on a sun lounger chucking back cocktails to my hearts content!

Anyway, back to the blog post. (I always tend to go on a big ol rant before hand) Now my feet are coming out after months of being hidden away from everyone in boots and trainers, I feel like I need to focus my attention on them a little bit more in regards to moisturising them and just generally taking care of them. Maybe putting a fresh coat of nail polish over whatever the hecks left bc nail varnish on the foot region lasts like 5 years compared to on your actual nails. I also need to take better care of them, so I decided to invest in some foot care bits from The Body Shop (I mean ofc where the heck else do I go?) and I have really been liking it! I’ve smacked a bit of this foot scrub on whilst I’m in the shower, and it has pride of place alongside my massive collection of shower gels and god knows what else and I have actually remembered to use it, I think it’s because it doesn’t require you to sit there for ages waiting for the magic to kick in. 

Ngl, I am terrible at moisturising my feet! I just cant do it! I’ve tried before, sat down and covered my feet in moisturiser, and then decided I needed a wee, or left my phone downstairs, so they end up getting dirty and the moisturiser just comes straight off! “Abi why don’t you just put it on right before you’re going to bed” I DONT KNOW. I’m stupid clearly.

If any of you have any foot moisturiser suggestions, IM ALL EARS! Something that doesn’t take years to soak in so I can go off and find my phne eh?


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