Lunch Date @ Guat’s Up!


How long have I lived in Bury St Edmunds? My whole life. Yet I have only just recently found (and kinda fallen in love with) Guats Up! I thought why not express my love through a blog post! We have some bloody good independent restaurants/cafes in Bury which I’m reeeeal thankful for and wish there was more of!



Anywhoooo, I first came across Guat’s Up on the ol google maps trying to find some more local cafes to go to! I was sold from the photos tbh, the decor was a bit of me and I decided I HAD to pop in and give it a whirl! A few weeks went by and I finally got the chance to go, and I can tell you it definitely did NOT disappoint! Although you can see it’s target audience is mainly coffee lovers, I found their drinks selection bloody fab! I tried one of their juices and OML…. If you haven’t been here you need to go! Seriously!

If you’re interested, Guat’s Up is tucked away down Guildhall Street (basically down the road from Pizza Hut), which I think is a great place to be because it seems like if it was a SUPER busy Saturday (we went Tuesday and it was nice and quiet!) it might still be a lovely cafe to escape the crazy market goers etc and chill for a little bit!



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