My Holiday In Turkey!

This year we decided to go on a family holiday to Turkey!  I was quite anxious about flying there, and due to the issues that are currently going on there too, I was a little bit worried, I just kept thinking “what if…?”. However, we stayed in ‘The Ideal Prime Beach Hotel’ in Marmaris for 11 days and the staff couldn’t have made us feel more welcome! All of them seemed to have pretty good English, and were keen to get you involved on activities in the hotel. We had a rep who would be at our hotel if we had any queries, we had our induction with her the following morning after we had arrived, and she showed us the distance between us and where the trouble was happening, and personally this made me feel a lot better! I think once I got there I was in my own little bubble, I felt so at ease and comfortable being there, I really didn’t want to leave! We took SOOOO many stupid photos, and had a right laugh the whole time! I thought I’d share some of the beautiful views that we came across during our time there!

The first couple of days we used to explore the hotel, and the beach which was LITERALLY just outside our hotel! Just in between the hotel and the beach was a pathway which you could stroll along of an evening. Just outside our hotel were tons of water sports which you could take part in, and of course we had a go on the banana boat! (SO many funny photos and videos which I can’t share!!!)

If you don’t fancy a calm stroll, you can walk outside the front of the hotel and experience a wholllllle new world! There were endless shops which were RAMMED with fake shoes, bags… You name a brand, they’d have the perfect fake! There were SOO many different restaurants to choose from too, if you wanted to try somewhere different for dinner! Shop workers were keen to get you in to have a look in their shop, they’d step outside and call over to you. If you wanted to buy something from these shops, you couldn’t settle on the price they gave you, the staff wanted you to barter with them for a good deal which was absolutely hilarious at times! 

On the other hand, I felt really tense during the evening if you were walking of an evening along here, just because the roads were SO different compared to back in the UK! Firstly, they drive on the other side of the road, which confused the heck out of me, because I kept looking the wrong way when trying to cross the road! The crossing is a totally different game to! Unless you have the guts to walk out onto the road whilst cars are coming racing towards you, it takes quite a while until cars, buses and bikes would slow down for you to cross!

Transport was a very ‘interesting’ experience too, to say the least! You could take the bus to either end of the strip we were on. You would pile into the bus like sardines, and pay the bus driver by passing money down to the crowd of people, your change would eventually make its way back up to you! Once you had reached where you wanted to be, you had to yell ‘STOP’.

During our 11 days in Turkey, we went out on a few day trips to explore the area further and split up the time we had here! The first trip was the ‘Lazy Day’ boat ride! If your idea of a holiday is to relax, catch some rays, and relax a little bit more, this is the perfect trip for you! You were put on a big ol boat, which took you around the sea slowly, occasionally stopping in some areas so you could jump off into the sea to cool down which was so refreshing! Although you were pretty far out in the sea, you could still see your legs swimming below you!

On our last day, we weren’t due back to the airport till late, so we went on the ‘Dalyan Departure’ day trip. This trip picked you up really early in the morning along with your luggage, and gives you a rammed packed day of things to do, instead of waiting around in the hotel all day! The first stop took us to the ‘Dalyan Mud Bath’ which was SOOOO much fun! You just caked yourself in the different types of mud they had to offer, then just sat around for about 10-15 minutes until it started to dry and go hard. Afterwards you had to go and take a FREEEEZING cold shower, before going to sit in a warm pool!

After the mud bath we had some lunch, then proceeded to travel along the Dalyan river in a turtle friendly boat, where they cover the propellers to avoid injuring the turtles. The tour guide gave us loads of information about the project which aims to promote to boat owners that they should fix their boats to reduce the amount of turtle injuries and fatalities which are currently happening there! I couldn’t remember exact ratio of turtle friendly boats vs unfriendly ones which were sailing through these parts, however I know that this is substantially low, which is why I thought it was SUCH a brilliant movement to begin,  because the turtles were absolutely gorgeous if you caught a glimpse of them! We slowly made our way into the turtle enclosure, and the guide told us about the two different types of turtles in their enclosure, and what their diet consisted of… We eventually reached the end of the river where we were met with the beach! From here you could hastily walk across the boiling hot sand and take a dip in the glorious sea which was so lovely! The sand was unbelievably soft, and the seabed was too!

We were able to stay here for about an hour, then we were called back to our boat and we made our way back, where we then slowly began to make our way back home… (Sad face)


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