How A Fashion Blogger Get’s Content For Instagram

Abisblog sat on steps getting content for Instagram with Guy,her photographer and boyfriend.
Full length photo of Abisblog smiling sat on steps with yellow edges. Wearing bright yellow satin skirt from Newlook and a white tee

I find getting content for Instagram a lot easier than I did a few months ago, and I feel like it’s because I’ve worked out a little routine(?) almost??

If you don’t already know, my boyfriend Guy is my camera man, photo editor man, and just general blog man. The Harrison to Victoria (In The Frow) if you will. I am very lucky to have a boyfriend who is already experienced in these sort of things, so getting photos when the both of us are free is so easy. We tend to go out shooting every other Sunday, and to get content for Instagram I batch work. Which is basically where I shoot around 4/5 outfits so I can just upload them to my UNUM – there’s more on UNUM on my Apps To Use If You’re A Blogger – rearrange them to where I desire and then I just have to write up a caption and find suitable hashtags (yawwwwwn).

Getting Photos

Fortunately I don’t live in London, although I’m so disappointed we don’t have stunning flower displays, I’m grateful I don’t have to wander round the streets lugging a suitcase in search for toilets to change in. However, my way of doing things isn’t exactly glamorous either. When me and Guy are heading out to shoot, I load up a big bag for life with the outfits I want to take in a somewhat logical order (the order almost never goes to plan mind you), I stuff earrings in one bag I’m going to be shooting with, necklaces in another, as well as multiple change of shoes. Just in case.

I find bringing a hairbrush, hair ties, deodorant and a few make up bits to touch up your make up if you need to really useful as well! It just ensures that you’re feeling your best when taking a bunch of photos.

Close up of Abisblog smiling sat on steps getting content with Guy for Instagram. Wearing bright yellow satin skirt from Newlook and a white tee
Another close up of Abisblog smiling sat on steps with yellow edges. Wearing bright yellow satin skirt from Newlook and a white tee

Getting changed is an art form I have almost mastered!

Now getting changed is an art form I have allllmost mastered. It’s all about the planning beforehand so you avoid the awkward bra or knicker flashing to passers by. As I just said though, a lot of the time this “planning” goes out the window if I’m going to a completely new location and not really sure of where we will be taking photos.

Joining the midi skirt crew has definitely aided my changing process ENORMOUSLY, because now I can change from skirt to jeans and back to a skirt so much easier! Whereas before I was covering my lap with a t-shirt or coat to change into different culottes or trousers, with Guy keeping watch. Wrap dresses and tops are still a major challenge, but if I manage to find a way I’ll definitely have to come back and share them with you! Or if you happen to have a hack, please do let me know!

Spice up your feed!


Sorry couldn’t resist.

I love to find new locations to shoot Instagram content. I feel like it just spices things up a bit. Me and Guy have been ever so slowly making our way round Suffolk to find new places to shoot to make things a bit more exciting ngl. I would get bored AF shooting in the same places every week, so I’d expect my audience over on Instagram are probably going to get bored seeing the same places too!

Abisblog smiling sat on steps, sitting directly in the middle of them, wearing bright yellow satin skirt from Newlook and a white tee, getting content for Instagram
Full length of Abisblog smiling sat on steps with yellow edges. Sitting directly inthe middle of them, wearing bright yellow satin skirt from Newlook and a white tee

Props are bae

Props are fab to have for getting photos, it really helps me battle awkward hand placements! There’s only so many times I can smile and pose my 3 poses before all my photos start looking the same and Guy’s telling me to do something different and I’m just standing there like an awkward lemon. Simply adding a bag, a cup, or even using your clothes can help with posing. Swishing your skirt around a bit, or even just popping your coat on your shoulders just adds something more to a photo instead of you just stood there cringinggggg!

Do you have any great tips for creating Instagram content?

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