How I’m Getting My Spring Wardrobe Ready.

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Ahhhh Spring is finally upon us! FINALLY! I’m done with this cold and shitty weather, give me alllll the SUN and the WARMTH and UGH, I’m just hoping we have a lovely summer like last year! Anyway, just last week I decided to have a proper clean out of my wardrobe and got rid of a TONNNN of my clothes. Admittedly my first initial thought was so I could buy some more Spring/Summer clothes – I need help with this saving money thing people, because clothes are really my weakness! -Through doing this though, I have sussed out my staple sort of outfits that I’m totally going to be wearing throughout Spring and probably Summer.

So what pieces do I need in my wardrobe to be ready for Spring?

close up photo of girl with polka dot crop top and straw bag - key pieces for your spring wardrobe!
close up photo of girl with polka dot crop top and straw bag - key pieces for your spring wardrobe!

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Polka Dots!

My love affair with polka dots will go on another year! They’ve been dusted off and brought back into the draws! I’m obsessed with anything polka dot, I have polka dot tops and polka dot culottes and if there was some polka dot shoes I’d probably cop them too. Can’t stop. Won’t stop. A must have piece in your wardrobe for the Spring!

Mom Jeans

But not any old pair of mom jeans my friends. I’ve found my holy grail of mom jeans FINALLY from Missguided. I use to have a love hate relationship with mom jeans, alllll the time I have trouble finding jeans that fit my thighs and hips nicely because I have quite thick thighs and an average joe belly, and a lot of the time I end up with this random spare space round my back that a baby kangaroo could sit and chill in. But ALAS, I’ve found a pair and I will live in them now throughout Spring, or until I break them! I’m wearing them in these photos and will link them >> *HERE* <<

Straw Bags

I’ve been converted to a good old straw bag for Spring/Summer! I saw loads of people with them last year but didn’t really think much of them. But I’ve been seeing people wearing them again this year and decided to jump on the band wagon and added it to my Spring collection! I bought one pictured from Nasty Gal which I’ve linked below!

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girl wearing polka dot crop top, high rise mom jeans and straw bag
girl swinging the straw bag


I was going to save them till last but they are just an essential piece of clothing for my wardrobe in the Spring. As soon as the weather is somewhat warmer – like t-shirt sort of weather – I swiftly move away from my jeans which I’ve worn for what feels like years and onto my jazzy and colourful trousers. It makes me so happier when I can bring them out because it makes my outfits so colourful! I do have quite a decent amount of trousers now, so I can’t get bored of them!

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Basic T-shirts

You can’t go wrong in the Spring with some proper basic t-shirts! White, black, and then one of every colour in the rainbow! My favourites are from Primark – yeah I know, SO predictable – but the ones I get are only £2 from the men’s section. If you didn’t know, I’m an apprentice so I’m currently on £3.70 an hour so I can’t really afford to spend £20/£30 on a plain t-shirt from a more expensive brand even if it might last me a bit longer or if the quality is brilliant, these ones from Primark do the job just fine!

White Trainers

My final must have for getting your Spring wardrobe ready! The ones I’m wearing in these pictures Meg (my sister) doesn’t wear and so I asked if I could “borrow” them. Hopefully I might be able to swipe them and have them for myself, because a white pair of trainers is what I feel like I’m lacking from my small shoe collection. I don’t actually own many trainers, I live in my black Vans allllll the time so having a different pair to sort of share the wear – if that makes any sense – will be very handy.

Do you have any staple pieces in your wardrobe for Spring?!

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  1. Jennifer Vye
    24/03/2019 / 14:25

    Always a lovely read!!

  2. 27/03/2019 / 19:52

    I’ve been after a pair of Mom jeans since forever, I’m so short that its hard to find a pair that doesn’t make my legs look stumpy. The search continues until I find the perfect pair. Are you even a blogger if you don’t own Mom jeans and a straw bag? I don’t have either but we all know I’m always late to the bandwagon haha

    Fran |

    • abinunn
      27/03/2019 / 21:17

      Hope you eventually find a sick pair, it’s a great achievement when it happens!x

  3. 28/03/2019 / 18:15

    Absolutely LOVED this post Abi!! I ordered a pair of culottes when i did that big ASOS order and im so excittedddd (I’ve never had a pair before!). Next up is definitely finding some polka dots!

    Fi x /

    • abinunn
      03/04/2019 / 10:49

      Ooooo you’ll have to let me know how you get on with them! I have a solid relationship with minwe as you can probably tell haha! xx

  4. 29/03/2019 / 11:32

    I was looking at jeans on Missguided yesterday – I love those mom jeans! Definitely getting some, they are such a brilliant staple for the warmer season. Lovely post x

    Shannen |

    • abinunn
      03/04/2019 / 10:53

      I definitely had a love hate relationship with jeans in general, so finding MOM JEANS? I thought it would be near impossible! Thanks so much for commenting! xx

  5. 30/03/2019 / 19:26

    I love culottes! They’re perfect for that slightly warmer but not hot yet weather and they look so good styled with so many things. Thanks for the wardrobe update inspo x


    • abinunn
      03/04/2019 / 10:56

      I bloody love my culottes, I don’t think I’ll ever part ways with them! Glad it gave you a lil bit of inspo! xx

  6. 10/04/2019 / 20:05

    I really want to be able to wear a Mom jean but I feel like I just look like a Mom who hasn’t let go of the 90’s! You look super cute in them!

    • abinunn
      15/04/2019 / 19:49

      I bet you rock them! They are soooo comfy right?

  7. 18/04/2019 / 07:16

    I love the way you style your self. What the Polka Dot one in my closet as well! Expect on more great pieces coming 🙂

    • abinunn
      21/04/2019 / 21:49

      Aw thank you girl! Im in LOVE with polka dot! x

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