How I’m Throwing Colour Into My Wardrobe This Summer!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I have quite a bit of colour in my wardrobe. A year or so ago I spoke about bringing colour back into my wardrobe, which all started with this coat. I think it was actually one of my first fashion-ey blog posts I ever uploaded so have fun cringing at that. However, this year, I’m throwing even more colour into my wardrobe for this summer!

I think I’ve been living by that without realising.

I genuinely think that since I posted about that coat, I have been working it into my brain and my wardrobe, and I’m definitely thanking myself for it. I used to get SO bored of my wardrobe, wearing the same blue jeans, wearing the same grey/black/white jumpers and tees. There wasn’t much colour going on and I just didn’t feel inspired.

Close up of Abisblog styling bright floral dress with two slits at the bottom from Primark, and a white tee. Ideal outfit to throw on this summer!
Full length photo of Abisblog styling bright floral dress with two slits at the bottom, a white tee and black strappy heels. The perfect outfit for summer!

I didn’t feel inspired by my wardrobe

When I opened my wardrobe I wasn’t seeing anything I could work with. Nothing shouted at me. Nothing excited me. Nothing made me think “corrr I am FEELING this” or “corrr I am FEELING myself”.

So, I had a major clean out.

Nothing was throwing itself at me. So I had a major clean out recently and anything I hadn’t bothered to wear, anything that still had tags in, anything that didn’t spark joy was tossed aside and chucked on my Depop or taken to a charity shop. Doing this has definitely made me look at my wardrobe with more open eyes. I think having a look through the masses of t-shirts and trousers (I HAD 14 PAIRS OF TROUSERS SMH) reignited my love for my clothes and got me so inspired to make new outfits in old clothes I hadn’t thought about combining before (THE BEST FEELING, AM I RIGHT?), whilst obviously buying new COLOURFUL clothes that made me feel good, and made me excited to open my wardrobe and wear. Hence all the bloody midis!

How Abisblog i throwing colour into her wardrobe! Here is a close up of Abisblog styling bright floral dress and a white tee.
Full length photo of Abisblog throwing colour into her wardrobe this summer by styling bright floral dress from Primark and a white tee.

Are you throwing colour into your wardrobe this summer? Does having colourful clothes make you feel more inspired or excite you to open your wardrobe and get dressed in the mornings? This dress from Primark is certainly doing it for me! I can’t wait to wear the hell out of it this summer!


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