I FINALLY Bought A Naked Palette!

Slowly I’m starting to get a bit more interested in the make up world. I’ve begun to experiment a little bit with different brands and products which I’ve never thought about using. Before I was quite a ‘plain Jane’, concealer under my dark af circles, chuck on some foundation and a bit of mascara and then I’d be set. But over this past year I’ve been making a conscious effort to start trying out something different from the same old look. I went through the liquid eye liner stage, but this takes far too long for me to do every day, plus I think my eyes were starting to get sore from me constantly wiping away my shi**y wings I kept making! I just lost the knack eventually. I think after a while I started to get a bit bored too, it started to become a chore, I needed a change, something easy and quick because I just don’t have time to sit and do my eyeliner for work, which is another reason why I stopped doing my eyeliner.

I thought I’d invest in some cheap eyeshadows from Superdrug to see what I thought of them. I gave them a whirl and now its EXTREMELY rare for me to go out the house without something on my lids! I’m hooked! I’ve invested in a few more eyeshadows, I’ve been trying and loving Tanya Burr’s lovely little palette which you can see in my previous post!

I’m still really loving it, so I started contemplating investing in a proper palette which I can use to death, with more variety and quality. I wanted to find a palette that I could use everyday, and no shade would be left behind. Before purchasing anything I made sure to get some reviews from people I knew, as well as checking online reviews because, in my opinion I thought £40 for a palette was extortionate! But then I have been quite stingy when buying make up. My friends who are wayyyyy more experienced in this area told me to go for it because they absolutely love theirs. So after a bit more looking around, I took the plunge! I am now a v proud owner of the Urban Decay ‘Naked 3’ Palette (£39.50) and I’m in LOVE. A huge majority of these shades I have used already, and I have no regrets at all! I think ALL the shades are beautiful! The packaging is amazing! THE BRUSHES ARE SO SOFT! I JUST LOVE IT! Very happy gal over here!

If you are currently thinking about getting this particular palette, I’d definitely recommend it! Especially if you’re as obsessed with the pinky shades as much as I am! Likewise with any Urban Decay palette, I can imagine its as brilliant as this one!




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