Learning To Drive.

It took me 3 times to pass my driving test, so yes you could say it was certainly an expensive time for me!

But I feel like driving has just become something I do now without thinking about. All the manoeuvres I used to do at 2 miles an hour and all the important checks I had to remember and learn every time I set off on a journey has just become second nature, and it’s so weird that at one point right at the beginning of my lessons I thought changing gears was SO difficult!

Anyway I decided to do a blog post on driving/learning to drive because I’m coming up to my third(?) year this month and my sister passed hers last month (first time I might add, NO I’M NOT JEALOUS) and I wanted to reminisce what I was like when I first started driving and go over the whole process.

With the 3 years of driving experience under my belt, obviously I will still avoid reverse parking into a space at all costs and drive around looking for that perfect drive-straight-in space, I’m not a psychopath!

I took 2 times to pass my theory. I don’t know what I found so difficult the first time round ngl, maybe it was my hazard perception? But I definitely remember all 3 driving tests because OML I was super stressed about them. I remember doing a reverse bay park (if that’s not the technical term I’m sorry) and feeling my foot shaking because I was SO nervous. I don’t know why I felt like it, but some of the examiners were really intimidating and made me feel really awkward and my inner awkward self was just squirming around in my brain.

Passing The Test

The first test I took was literally a week or so before Christmas, so it was already a shit time of year for me to book my test, but that wasn’t why I failed. I didn’t run anyone over, I was speeding LOL @ me. And if that wasn’t enough I also cut up a Mercedes on a round about. Seriously. I’m laughing at myself right now. Then the second time, I could have cut someone up (BUT I DIDN’T) as again I was going round a roundabout and went in the wrong lane as I was going round. BUT I PASSED IN THE END. Third time lucky! Finally I was able to whip around town in my Ford KA and had the freedom to go wherever I wanted (McDonalds drive thru obvs) and not have to ask for lifties from mum and dad.

The cosssst

There’s obviously quite a few downsides financially with cars, oml they are freaking expensive. First you want to buy a decent car that isn’t going to fall apart, then you need to pay for insurance, tax, petrol, MOT… Oh and when your battery decides to die on a Monday morning because you could only afford to drive it around town, you need to be prepared for random expenses.

Were you a first time pass like my sister, bf and mum or a third time pass like me and my dad? NO JUDGING I promise!


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