Let’s Have A Catch up, Shall We?

It feels like it’s been a hot MINUTE since I actually wrote a blog post and got it out there. Truth is life has gotten in the way – as it does – so let’s have a catch up?

I’m back in retail

Ah yes. Retail. We’re back. And we’re progressing now lads! Truth be told I didn’t actually hate retail when I was there before. Thinking about it, I think I just didn’t like the negativity. Or waking up at 4:30 in the morning.

But really.

Abi is wearing a white printed tee from Topshop, with a black and white cheetah print midi skirt  from BooHoo and red bag from Newlook
Abi is wearing a white printed tee from Topshop, with a black and white cheetah print midi skirt  from BooHoo, a red bag from Newlook and black canvas trainers from Primark

Retail is made out to be this huge and horrid thing. I get that for some people it is, because god some customers can be rude and it can play around and around in your head for most of the day and make you feel a bit pants – but you find your people, and some customers can make up for the other ones.

So I’m back in retail. And I’m trying not to see it as a step backwards. I’m progressing so ya gal is hopefully maybe going to get manager status soon. There’s A LOT of work to sink your teeth into which is one of the reasons I haven’t really been active on my blog – because glorious E-learning has taken up a portion of some of my evenings where before I used to plonk my bum on my bed and blog.

My cousin got MARRIED

A couple of weeks ago my cousin got married and it was BEAUTIFUL. It got me thinking about me and Guy though and the fuUUUtuuRRRe – as you do at weddings – and it just got me excited for when me and Guy eventually move in together

Abi swinging red bag

I got a new Instagram theme

Oh yeah. Have you checked my Instagram lately? YA GAL HAS A THEME. Guy worked his Lightroom magic and now all my pictures fit in together and it makes me feel so much more motivated to post and I just find myself checking my own feed and eyeing it up. Is that a bit big headed? Staring at photos of yourself in a grid? I’ll leave that for you to decide.


Again, if you saw on my Instagram stories a couple of months ago you would have seen the hair drama. Basically I tried to get balayage re-done to my hair and it did NOT go to plan. I ended up basically blonde. Dyed it back brown and then ended up with this weird inbetween-sort-of-caramel colour.

So for my first proper pay I decided to get my hair done PROFESSIONALLY – GET YOUR HAIR DONE PROFESSIONALLY KIDS – as a treat and I finally love my hair again and feel so much better!

I think that’s all for now?

You’ll have to bear/bare with me whilst I get myself sorted. I don’t know if you’re really missing my blog posts because obviously I’m on Instagram still, but there will be new content at some point in the future! Working in retail means it can be really hit or miss with hours etc, so I’ll try to find a balance again and get back to it asap!


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