Lottie’s Waffles | Review

I have been going on AND ONN about going to Lottie’s Waffles for what seems like decades. Seriously. As soon as it opened back in October I have been meaning to go, and FINALLY I went with Guy a few weekends ago and ohhhh it was SOOooOO worth the wait!

SO. We went in on a Sunday at like 2 and it was pretty quiet when we first arrived but slowly people started to come in and eventually all tables were full. I’m bloody glad we came in when we did! As you come in you can order straight away which is what I did eventually after I stared longingly at all they had to offer.

Oh, I do love waffles

After some careful deciding, I chose Chocky Lotties >> See Menu << And honestly if you’re looking for a chocolate fix this is what you need! It was GLORIIIOUSS. You ever take as long as you possibly can to eat something just so you can taste it foreverrr?

Not only were the waffles amazzzzing, I was looking around taking the whole place in, as you do and saw the cutest little pug sat with it’s owner! We sat around for a little while and saw another gorge looking doggy too, so I think they allow dogs in which is brilliant!

Dog friendly? Check! Instagramable decor? Check! Freaking amazing waffles? CHECK!

Can I also say… I think it’s so much better than Kaspas. Just my opinion. Go give Lottie’s Waffles a go and see for yourself! And let me know what you think!


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