Bury St Edmunds | Boosh Bar Lunch Review!

On Saturday we decided to go out somewhere for lunch that we hadn’t tried before in Bury. so I had a little look around online and noticed we hadn’t tried the Boosh Bar! It’s a relatively new place, but I assumed it was just a bar. I had a read through the reviews on Trip Advisor and realised they also have a lunch menu during the day. 



We arrived at about 12 o’clock, which was a bit ballsy because usually on a Saturday places like this would be bursting at the seams with people wanting to get their lunch and you’d be lucky to get a table for two, let alone the five of us! We must have come in at just the right time as it was pretty easy to get a space for us!

As you walk in there is a bar where we were greeted, and quite a lot of tables and chairs where you can sit and just watch the world go by. We ventured upstairs and straight through to the Renaissance area, which made me feel like we had stepped into an entirely different place! You were really tucked away from all the noise, it was such a relaxing and nice section to be in! Apparently if you went upstairs a bit further it brings you to another little crevice where there are some smart chairs you can sit in and just watch the town.

Onto the most important part of this post. The food! We all opted for the sandwiches which were £7, which I did at first think was a little bit expensive compared to the other places I have been for lunch in Bury, but café’s tend to be a bit cheaper. I got a tuna and spring onion sandwich which I was originally a little bit like “???” purely because I had never had spring onion and tuna together before, but honestly it was amazinnggggg. I was quite happy that you also got a side of salad and crisps, so the price is pretty good for what you get with it! I could have easily eaten it again and again though!

The staff at Boosh were really friendly and made great conversation with us! I would definitely recommend the Boosh Bar if you ever come to Bury St Edmunds! I know for sure will be returning again, maybe in the evening to see what its like as a bar!


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