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Mia Gave Birth! The First Week…

 Mia had puppies last year (see here!) and we all absolutely LOVED experiencing it! The constant cuddles, the puppy breath! OHH THE PUPPY BREATH! We were obsesssssed with all eight of them! Mia instantly made the best mum we could have ever asked for, we were so lucky! All of the puppies were beautiful (obvs, I mean what black labs aren’t?) and healthy! You always hear the horror stories about these kind of things and tend to think the worst a lot of the time, but it all went smoothly, and so quickly! Soon they they left and we all said goodbye to them one at a time trying to hold back our tears *sobs*. Anyway, we were contemplating whether to try one more time this year, just to finish it off? (I think we were all secretly craving more puppy cuddles tbh!) After constant family discussions and weighing the pros and cons (not being many!). We actually booked mia in to be spayed we got that close to saying no and then decided OH JUST ONE MORE LITTER! The puppy cuddles won!

So we did it! We all bet on how many there would be like we did last time, picked the gender ratio and what colours we might have, all of us guessing we’d get around 6-9 again like we did last time.

Mia was due to deliver her lil children on the 14th April. She was absolutely MASSIVE and we all predicted she would have around the same amount this time round if not more! 

The 14th went past… then the 15th… It got to the 18th and there was still no signs of Mia giving birth. We started to wonder, and then panic a little bit. Whilst i was at work mum and dad took her to the vets and I was worried sick, constantly checking my phone for any news because I was just thinking the worst. I got home and eventually we got a phone from the vets. Turns out she couldn’t give birth naturally! 

After eagerly waiting for any news on Mia, we were finally able to go and pick her up at 2PM! Honestly it was the longest 2 hours of my life. We were told that she had only one solo pup in her fat ol belly! ONE! ONE HUMUNGOUS PUP! And he was actually so big that the vets actually said look she needs to have a caesarean. Bare in mind she had eight last year, he was obviously a chunk and a bit! to not be able to come out the other end! Anyway, 2PM EVENTALLY came and we all jumped in the car and dashed to the vets! I think I felt a lot of emotions that day, we were all bloody exhausted after worrying and being up with Mia all night, then were worried sick about her because she couldn’t give birth properly, and now this fat ol pup is presented to us and is honestly the cutest thing in the entire world I could have melted right there and then on the vet floor! I mean have you seen these bloody photos!? We’ve all fallen in love with him! 

Mia has taken to motherhood so easily again which we were so pleased about! The vets did say that initially she might be a little confused or pay him little attention because she hasn’t actually physically given birth to him, but as soon as we got home and got settled she was on him and making sure he was ok.

A week on now and this lone pup has actually developed so quickly compared to the previous litter its remarkable! He’s CONSTANTLY dragging himself across the floor and wriggling around. I think I secretly prefer having one because you find you pay attention to them and notice A LOT more. With our last litter they were so tiny and didn’t move a lot until their eyes open, but this one is the complete opposite! He obviously cant see anything at the moment, but I feel like he is rarely sleeping! 

We’ve been constantly asked by everyone we speak to whether we will be keeping this one, and to save all of the same questions- no we won’t be. I KNOW! As soon as we got off the phone to the vets we all looked at each other smiling and we instantly thought WE’LL KEEP HIM! He’s her last one, we have to! We would have had him from birth! Awww! But after a painful (yes painful) family discussion we all agreed that having three dogs would be a bloody mad idea in our house! If we had a massive garden and a bit more room we might have, but we have a nice set up at the moment and we don’t want to test Maggie’s patience! Not only that, who knows how big this lab is gonna get! We’re lucky Mia is a really small Labrador, but this one could be a big ol boy! So no. Unfortunately we won’t be keeping him… But a family member is very eager to have him so he certainly wont be far from home! And we’ll see him a ton on family dog walks etc. so we’ll be able to keep in contact a ton and see him grow up! 

Also, after this experience with one puppy we have definitely said this is the last time we would be breeding Mia. Our dogs are just part of our family, and although it was absolutely brilliant to experience having puppies and seeing Mia being a mum, it really was a bloody relief when dad explained to me that Mia was ok when she went to the vets that day. We were all scared af of the outcome and we were so lucky we had such a happy ending!

That’s all for now on the puppy front! I might upload a few more posts once you can kinda tell the difference size wise! Definitely once his eyes have opened! I hope you enjoyed the puppy photos! Although I’ve probably uploaded all of them and more onto Insta / Twitter because I want to share the cute-ness with everyone!


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  1. 30/04/2018 / 10:57

    Mia is such a beautiful dog! I’m dying of cuteness seeing her puppies😍😭

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