Meet My Doggos!

I feel like this wouldn’t really be MY blog without a lil more posts about dogs y’know? I mean, If you can’t already tell from my social media or previous blog posts… I am a **HUGE** dog person… With a massive capital ‘D’! (Oi Oi). No, this doesn’t mean I absolutely hate cats and will be forming anti cat group, it’s just that I would be in absolute HEAVEN if suddenly a sea of dogs came running towards me! I follow TOOOOO many Instagram and Twitter accounts that are dedicated to puppies and dogs, plus I regularly like a ton of images from there, so my timeline is ALWAYS blessed with ADORABLE photos… What can I say? I have already accepted that I will be THE crazy old dog lady. Anyway I thought you guys could meet my dogs in an official blog post and share some cute af photos!

without further ado!

Meet My Dogs! 

First up is our gorgeous Maggie who is 8 years old! She is a cross of Lhasa Apso and a Cairn Terrier, and is the smaaaallest lil ball of fluff! But don’t let that soft, cute exterior trick you! She’s not always the most sociable of dogs. She can be very friendly to you and require constant attention one minute, and the next she’s growling at you because she’s had enough! A lot of the time she keeps to herself, napping on someone else’s bed or bathing in the garden during the summer time, but she has moments during the evening where she will come and require attention!

She can also be a little bit of a yapper when she gets excited! ESPECIALLY when she knows she’s going out for a W.A.L.K. When we had a ton of snow recently she was constantlyyyyy barking at you as you were walking along the path because you were flicking the smallest bit of snow!

Mia ( pronounced MA-YYYA ) is our bloody beautiful 3 year old Labrador. A.K.A. THE CLINGYIST dog in the WORLD, She is actually laying under my chair whilst I’m typing this blog post, and I know as soon as I move she will be up and following me around! 

We actually bred Mia last year for the first time >> see here for puppies! << and she was the best mum we could have ever asked for! She’s quite small compared to other Labradors, even her puppies are bigger than her now!

Unlike Maggie, Mia is really sociable both with dogs and other humans! We have tried to train her NOT to go running after EVERY dog she encounters, but that’s a lot easier said than done for her! Its her mission to say hello to every dog and person! She also craves attention! She must be stroked 24 hours a day WITHOUT fail!

Before I sign off… Does anyone else have more than one dog, and they both tend to swap beds? Mia will NEVER go straight to her own bed! Whenever we all go up to bed at night, she just B lines to Maggie’s significantly smaller bed… If we tell her to move into her bed, you’ll hear her get out of hers and move into Maggie’s a few moments later!?



  1. 05/03/2018 / 15:53

    I am in LOVE with your pups, they’re gorgeous!!! I’ve got a little Yorkie and she’s my world. I wish I could have so many more but I don’t really have the room 🙁 xx

    • Abi Nunn
      05/03/2018 / 17:23

      Awww you’ll have to tweet me a photo of your dog or link me! Tell me about it! Just makes me want to be a millionaire so I can have a huge house and a ton of dogs to run around it! x

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