Puppies! The first few days…

 This year, on the 8th January, we were lucky enough to introduce EIGHT healthy, adorable puppies to the world! Six months on, I thought I would share a bit of our journey, of course photos are included!

Our brilliant black labrador Mia gave birth on Sunday at 7AM… Just as I had started work (GREAT TIMING MIA!!). I was anxiously waiting for updates from my family at home. Every so often I would get a text notifying me of the next coloured puppy’s gender and how much they weighed. I was SO eager to get home to see Mia and meet her new tiny little additions!

After what seemed to be an eternity, finally 4 o’clock came round and I was finally home to marvel at Mia’s beautiful little bundles! As I was sat with her I thought about how fortunate we had been, for Mia to take on motherhood so quickly and to have such a positive outcome. I was so excited to think of the future adventures and experiences we had to look forward to!

Mia was a fabulous mum, we couldn’t have asked any more from her. She watched over them constantly and incredibly attentive to them, very aware if one happened to disappear into the living room for a cuddle! She would watch you with them like a hawk, and if one of them was making too much noise she would come along to comfort them.

After a couple of days once we had all settled and Mia had got more comfortable with us taking puppies for cuddles, some family members came round to have their cuddles. Again Mia seemed pretty relaxed for other people to be taking and holding her puppies, however she would step in if they seemed distressed.

Overall the first few days of having puppies was so surreal, it was almost like we were in a dream. We all felt so excited to begin this new adventure.

I think I’ll end this post here! I hope you loved this post showing you the beginning of our journey with puppies! I’ll write another soon, sharing memories of them a few weeks older!


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