My Current Bathroom Faves!

Since I started blogging last August I have been making more of a conscious effort to try out different brands and scents! Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love a standard shower gel from Aldi that’s like 99p, cheap and cheerful ey! But sometimes I just want to branch out a bit, spend a bit more money on something that’s better quality and smells different to my usual stuff…  I also feel a little bit better afterwards? Might sound a little bit weird, but when I’ve showered with something a liiiiiiittle bit more expensive, it’s scent stays on you for a little bit longer, and sometimes can make me feel proppper clean afterwards!

My first current bathroom favourite at the moment is from the ‘Herbal Essences: Bio Renew’ range. Ohhh Myy Goshhh. After hearing good reviews from other people and smelling the range myself, (they all smell absolutely gorge btw) I knew I just had to buy it and see if it did anything different to my hair… After going back and forth numerous times smelling all these fabbbb scents I FINALLY decided on the ‘White Grapefruit & Mosa Mint’ shampoo and conditioner, because personally I’m not a fan of mixing different smells together? I like to have shampoo and conditioner in the same smell? Anyone else the same? Anyway, I picked these up at £3 each, which is so good considering how FLIPPIN GOOD it smells, and how soft it makes my hair feel after using them! Honestly it’s just a minty dream! 

My next favourite product at the moment already has a dedicated post to itself, (see here for post) which basically is just me going on and onnnn about this product and how BLOODY amazing it smells. Its from the Body Shop and is called ‘Japanese Cherry Blossom’. Seriously, if you haven’t already you need to go and smell this for yourself and you’ll see why I’m so obsessed. Its the perfect summery, fresh smell that lingers for a little while after, plus I’ve also invested in the body mist which makes it last sooo much longer!

My last product is from Lush, I mean what bathroom favourites isn’t complete without a Lush product, am I right? This is the Golden Pear Soap and it looks SOooOO CUTE!! I had left it amongst my other bath bombs and migggght have forgotten it was a soap, so I looked it up and realised what it was, and finally started using it a few weeks ago. Honestly, it is SOOOO strange?? GOOD STRANGE! I had really low expectations and thought it would jusy disintegrate in my first wash, but ohhh no! This is still sat next to the shower and has lasted me so long! Smells amazinnnng too! 



  1. 07/02/2018 / 12:18

    I thought that photo was of an actual pear and I wondered what it was doing there! 🍐 I’ll have to try some of these products, they look great!

    • Abi Nunn
      07/02/2018 / 12:28

      Haha, tbf iIt does look very realistic! You definitely should! The Herbal Essences stuff does bloody wonders! x

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