My First Year Of Blogging | The Bad

Although It’s been two years this year that I started blogging, I feel like last year I put a lot more effort into it, and I have learnt so much when it comes to this blogging thannnng. Both good and bad. In this post I’m going to share the bad things, for me, about blogging. And for those of you who think “why don’t you just stop thennnn?” read my other post too babes.

First up, when we get blog photos

When me and Guy are getting photos either for my Instagram or blog, I suddenly get reallllllly awkward and go this odd shade of tomato when other members of the public are around. I stop in my tracks and walk over to Guy who is trying to get “dat shot”, and he probably gets juuust as frustrated as I do. They could genuinely be minding their own business and probably didn’t even see me posing next to a door, but just me seeing them can sometimes be enough for me to retreat. Literally 20 minutes later though I turn into this confident weirdo and I genuinely don’t know where the hell it comes from or who she is but I love that me and wish she was always there when we do photos!

And then it’s comparing myself to others

I feel like this isn’t just blog related. Sometimes I lay in bed I’ll just be flicking through social media in general and I look at what every person is doing and posting and think well hell. Shall I just delete my bloody account. It’s a lot easier said than done when they all tell you not to compare yourself to people’s Instas because “everyone will post the good things” and “you never know whats going on behind closed doors” yadda yadda yadda. But do you ever feel like sometimes you just end up in a bit of a pit and feel a bit crap really, about the fact that you aren’t jetting off to New York for Christmas or haven’t bought a house and a freakin’ dog yet? Y’know what though, you’re gonna hate me, but if you truly trulyyyy want to go to New York for Christmas or buy a house and a freakin’ dog, go out and DO IT. Plan that trip away, save your money (whilst obviously treating yourself in between) and you’ll do it!

Then, the endless scrolling

Whilst on the subject of social media. I feel like especially over this past year blogging I have been guilty to the idle scroll. You know when you’re waiting for Netflix to kindly pop you onto the next episode of YOU and you need to fill that 10 seconds with something. Or when you’ve thrown yourself onto the bed and cba to do anything after work. Or a prime example of mine, Guy will be driving wherever and I just find myself opening Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and just scrolling through endless streams of content which I’m not actually taking in. I’m just staring at it like zombie. Then I’ll close them, and re-open them again. If I think about it now, there’s so much time I’ve bloody wasted just sat on my phone scrolling away at crap when I could be doing something else. Ok that’s depressing, must make a note to do less of this in 2019.

Obsessing over the numbers

I’m going to make this the last one because christ have I gone off on a tangent on these! Obsessing over numbers for me has been something I’ve really had to learn NOT to care about. Because at the end of the day the reason why I started my blog was because all them months ago Guy told me it would be something cool that I could focus on in my spare time whilst I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. This blog is my place when I can share whatever the hell I want to and it really shouldn’t matter how many people see a blog post or like my photo on Instagram, because if i’m not enjoying it I can just stop. Or I can just take a breather and come back to it 10 times better. But when Instagram decides to be a tit, it’s hard to stay positive, and I can guarantee almost every blogger has had this same sinking feeling,

Ok so this has been a super depressing and deep AF blog post. Ty for sticking around up until now though. The other one is soooo much more positive and light hearted I promise. Here’s a link to What I’ve Learnt In My First Year Of Blogging | The Good!



  1. 19/07/2019 / 15:02

    You have really lovely photos I wouldn’t worry about getting embarrassed when taking them! I end up balancing my camera or phone somewhere for mine x

    • abinunn
      22/07/2019 / 19:54

      I’ve gotten so much better this year taking photos! I still get weird moods where I feel awks though! x

  2. 30/08/2019 / 21:33

    Don’t be embarrassed about taking photos out in public! Yours are great and better than I could ever do. Hell I hate being in front of the camera and always look dreadful 🙁 We all go through phases like that when we compare ourselves to others and obsess over numbers, it doesn’t change. I still do it 5 years into my blogging aha x

    Shannon x

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