My First Year Of Blogging | The Good

I was originally going to have the good and the bad parts popped in a blog post together, but no, Chatty Cathy over here couldn’t just write a couple of sentences summarising the points! If you haven’t caught the other blog post “My First Year Of Blogging | The Bad!” then click >> here <<

I feel like the positives about having my own blog will ALWAYS outweigh the negative parts. The fact that I actually have my own little spot on the web is such a wonderful feeling. is mine bitches. ALLLLL MINE. If Instagram’s algorithm is getting me down, (I mean when the hell doesn’t it?) I love coming back to my blog and working on it constantly, rearranging bits and pieces. People actually coming on here and wanting to read what I have to say about my latest obsession from The Body Shop or my new favourite spot in Bury, it’s a great feeling.

Growing in confidence

So by far the best thing that’s happened whilst blogging is my increase in confidence. There was nowhere in hell that when I started my blog I would get Guy to take photos of me for my Instagram or for blog photos around town. But now it’s become something I and him both enjoy doing every other weekend or so, and dare I say it, it’s actually quite fun? Oh yeah of course I have days and moments when me and Guy are going out to get photos and I feel awkward and embarrassed – more over on the other blog post – but I feel like I’ve certainly come a long way from where I was confidence-wise!

Meeting new people I wouldn’t have met without my blog!

It’s true. If I decided not to start up this blog back in 2017 I wouldn’t have met any of the fab bloggers in my area that I have met over this past year. Creating an Instagram account for my blog back in February 2018 was by far the best decision I could have made, as it has connected me with some brilliant people! I remember when the lovely Georgia from See Suffolk popped in my DM’s whilst I was on holiday back in June asking if I would be free for a bloggers meet up and I was so excited to get out there and meet other bloggers in my area who I could relate to, learn with and bounce ideas off of. Suddenly feeling like you’re in a little community rather than by yourself if a wonderful thing!

Improving my photography

I feel like with my blog I have learnt how to improve my photography skillz. Once I’ve finished my first year of my apprenticeship I’ll be earning a lot more money, so I’d really like to invest in a camera and improve my photography even more. Although my iPhone has a fab camera which I’ve managed to get awesome photos with over the past year or two, I want to get better quality photos and learn how to edit them myself. Guy does show me how he edits the photos when we go out and get blog photos, but it will be nice to get some better quality flatlays etc!

There are so many more things I have learnt over this past year with regards to my blog, and I feel like this year is just going to get better (i hope?!).


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