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Sharing The Love For Not Your Mother’s Earrings! | AD



Helloooooo everyone!

I have been trying to find some different earrings these past few weeks, I don’t know, hoop earrings were beginning to bore me a smidge. Obviously I will still continue to wear the heck out of them, but I really wanted to throw some different kind of earrings into the mix! I bought some earrings a while ago mainly for holiday, but never wore them because I didn’t have the confidence! They were wayyyy too “out there” for me and were sent to the draw to never be worn! But one day I saw them and thought I’d give them a second chance, and now I have a new favourite pair and liiiiive in them! (If you’re following me in my insta you might know which ones i’m on about!)



Anyway, onto the actual post! I was getting really excited about trying to find some cute earrings to introduce to my slowly growing collection when Not Your Mother’s Earrings contacted me. I hadn’t heard of them before but from their Instagram they looked like the kind of earrings I was missing in my life! I SOOOO excited to see what kind of items they had on their website, had a huge scroll around and found all these different types of products they offer, besides earrings! From necklaces, rings, bracelets… I really could have chosen SO MANY and spent an absolute bomb, but I somehow whittled it down and decided on these absolute GEMS! Wearing: Out Of This Galaxy earrings, link >> HERE <<

I ordered them and they arrived bloody quick, and in this beautiful red packaging with NYME (Not Your Mother’s Earrings? on top! It looked so special!

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them! You can dress them up or down, they literally fit any occasion! The length of them are so nice and not too long to be annoying you all day! Also, I got wayyyy too excited by the fact the dangles are on the back of the earring, so if for whatever reason you didn’t want to wear the longer bits one day, you can wear the stars by themselves instead! So it’s like two earrings in one?! Right?! If like me and you have two (Or more) holes in your ears (but don’t always wear them) it’s a fab idea!

Fancy dabbling in your earrings too? I’d totally recommend this place!

To shop their AMAZINNNG collection click >> HERE <<

Of course I have a 20% of discount code for you guys if something happens to catch your eye! Just pop “ABI20”. in when checking out!



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