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My Current Love List | PJ Edition!

Yep you read it right! This love list is all PJ’s! I was out with some friends a few weeks ago and someone was telling me about THIS pair of pj’s and it started from there really… I began scrolling and scrolling through ASOS nightwear and got a little bit out of control, and now I wish I wasn’t on an apprenticeship wage so I could buy ALLLLLL OF THE PJ’S, but instead I must resist… And show you the one’s I’m super into at the mo!

First up is ofc the pair that started it all of! The egg stripe combo! Link >> HERE <<  There’s literally only a size XS at the moment *eye rolls* but it’s on my wish list juuuuuust in case it comes back in a Medium! It looks the perfect combo, nice long sleeves but shorts so you’re not gonna sweat in this really weird weather at the moment! I mean look! Eggs… Stripes?! PERFECT!

My second pic I really LOVE! Link >> HERE << Look at the cute eyelashes! I feel like you could totally pull this off as an everyday t’shirt and wear it with a pear of jeans or culottes (my faves!). Again they have stripey shorts which look super cute! 

Ok! Next up are these super cute floral set! >> HERE << At first I thought the trousers were polka dot (because I’m slightly obsessed!) but they are floral print which I’m really not mad at! They look super cute and would make the ideal trousers to chill around in at home! Again I think this t’shirt could be used paired with some skinny jeans and some vans! Bobs your uncle! Tbh, There just like the first egg combo but the opposite way round, nice long trousers and short (ish) sleeves which won’t really make you sweat too much!

I think this >> HERE << is SUPER cute too! I love the toucan shorts! And although they are definitely more for the warmer weather i just think the slogan “You Can” is lovely! 

This is probably one of my top faves! >> HERE << The crop top looks so nice and fitting plus the back  looks kinda sports bra-ey  and I love me those chill top/bras/ whatever they call them! I The floral wide leg trousers look soooo comfy I seriously need these in my life! 

The last two aren’t normally my thing in terms of the shirts, but the designs are so cute I’d really like to give them a go! Links! >> HERE for the Frida Kahlo design << and  >> HERE for the Tiger print << which I’ve just realised is MATERNITY! How the heck did I not see that! It’s still a flipping cute print, now I’m seriously annoyed at myself because they actually had my size and everything! I looked around and found the set from the main collection but guess what! Not in my size! Tbf it’s probably for the best because there’s far too many here to just buy all at once!




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