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Pumpkin Picking @ Undley Farm

Hola! Hope everyone had a lovely weekend and currently having a good week! Last weekend was another Suffolk Bloggers meet up, and this time we went pumpkin picking @ Undley Farm! Now, fun fact about me! I have never been to a pumpkin patch, so I guess you could say I lost my pumpkin picking virginity this weekend, how wild!

It was horrid weather to begin with ngl, and I turned up super early because I thought we were meeting up earlier than we actually were and I didn’t think to check till I got there. Stupid move. So after about half an hour – 45 minutes of sitting in the car listening and watching the rain fall down I decided to head out and wander around for a bit! Unfortunately the girls who organised it couldn’t make it due to the A14 coming to a standstill. But there were still a few of us eager to get our picking game on so after checking out the craft tent we headed towards the MAHOOOOSIVE pumpkin patch. I was wayyyy too excited to push the wheelbarrow around ngl.

Thank god the weather held up for us and we were able to get some classic boomerangs and pictures together and with the pumpkins (obvs) without the rain!

I was really excited about all the different pumpkins they had there! And so surprised by how cheap they were! So for 4 gourds (mini pumpkins in my language) it was only £2?! So I only got one normal orange pumpkin and the rest are soooo many different styles which I absolutely LOVE! I don’t blame anyone going overboard because I sure as hell could, I swear if I had my own home I would have had a cluster for every room, and then for the outside! Sadly, I do not and so they have taken pride of place on my mums fireplace, although I will be stealing one or two for my room!

After pumpkin picking we grabbed some food and had a chat and got some more photos on the hay bales. It was so nice to meet up with some fellow bloggers again who actually live in Suffolk, I love meeting new people and learning about what they do! Cant wait for the next meet up!




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