Puppies! A few weeks on…

The next few weeks with the puppies seemed to fly by so quickly… We seemed to be in our own bubble, where time didn’t really exist and we were just cuddling puppies to our hearts content.

At the start of this journey Mia did most of the work. They didn’t really do too much for us to get involved, they only really seemed to feed off of Mia and sleep, then repeat. It was all so lovely, and I’d dare say it was quite easy…  However I soon ate my words after a few weeks when they had started to open their eyes, which was when the real fun and games commenced! Some of them began to drag themselves around the room, discovering new objects to play with and chew on.. This was when slowly it became our turn to keep an eye on and clean up after them, as Mia couldn’t keep her eye on all of them. Once they had begun it didn’t take them long to start walking properly… They had all cracked walking by the end of the week and were up and becoming extremely inquisitive about their surroundings, and VERY active. They would constantly play fight with each other, which unfortunately meant for us, our cuddling sessions were soon to be over. 

One puppy in particular we had to keep our eyes peeled out for was nick-named ‘Houdini’. This was because he always managed to get up the stairs once we had seen them and done our morning routines. Without a fail, no matter how many times we tried to raise the boards we had created, a few moments later we would see a little figure padding into our rooms wagging his tail. This happening almost every morning once he had managed to find his way up.

One week we decided to introduce the puppies to a new area of the house… THE GARDEN! Firstly they were very hesitant at this new venture, most of them quite reserved, staying by the door and refusing to step out, until the first daredevil decided to take the plunge! Instantly all the other puppies followed and they were all sniffing and running around playing in mums plant pots and bushes. (They became quite accustomed to chewing on her rose bushes!!) It was brilliant to see them all running around chasing each other and playing for ages. When a few puppies started coming back inside we would get the rest in with some gentle persuasion… Queue one of us chanting puppies excitedly until they were all in!

Suddenly the puppies were eight weeks old, and the families who were having the puppies had arranged their dates to pick up their puppy. We decided to make certificates for the families to take away with, a little memento that they could look at years on. It didn’t feel real that they were leaving us until the first pup had left and when we removed our little make do collars for their new ones. We all stood in the kitchen for a little while reflecting and coming to terms that the end of our terrific experience was coming. I think that we were all quite emotional, but relieved that they were leaving to continue their lives with other families because eventually they became quite a chore. The very early mornings were taking their toll, and we all became a bit reluctant to pick up their messes every five minutes. We would all look at each other till one of us gave in. There were an awful lot more positives than negatives from this experience, by far! The cuddles for starters were the best, and also seeing Mia be the best mum we could have hoped for made us so proud.

Although they have now been living with other families for quite some time, I still find myself clicking on my camera roll and scrolling through, what seems like endless photos and videos of them creating havoc in the garden by destroying mum’s plants, or play fighting with each other. I feel so lucky that we were able to have this experience, and perhaps do it again in the future. Simply because we all had such a great time. I also feel so proud that Mia (our gorgeous mummy) took on motherhood so well and we were blessed to go through the whole process without a hitch.

If you thought the puppy saga was over, you’re wrong! I will have another post soon on our little reunion months on!

P.S. If you still haven’t had your fix of puppy pictures already… KEEP SCROLLING!!



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