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Puppy! Week 2…

Its already been two weeks since Mia came home from the vets with this little one, and it’s gone so bloody quick! I feel like because Mia only had one this time round he’s growing and developing SO much faster, maybe because were all focusing our attention on him and noticing these things more? I don’t know but these weeks with him better slow tf down!. We did have eight last time so I guess we didn’t really see how much they developed because they were all just climbing over each other trying to get to Mia. But this week especially he’s been making a proper good hash out of walking! He does tend to look a bit like Churchill the dog from that advert when he’s trying to keep balance which is just ADORABLE! He will get up on his front paws and he tries to get his back legs up but he starts to sway and sometimes just ends up on the floor, making us all laugh because we’re just terrible human beings. We have a ton of videos of him trying to walk around, as soon as one of us shouts HE’S MOVING! Our eyes are all pinned to him!

I think I could get used to getting waked up with him plopped on my bed too tbh, and of course the major puppy breath! YEP. THE PUPPY BREATH. He certainly didn’t disappoint, oh no! As soon as he begins to yawn were all THERE sniffing him. Were a bloody weird family I know.

The best thing happened this week though! Smack bang on two weeks his eyes finally opened! Meg sent us all a message on the family group chat just as I finished work – without a photo! You can’t announce something that huge and NOT send a photo immediately afterwards! It’s just rude! Anyway I got home and melted pretty quickly because I’m an emotional mess! He’s actually starting to look like a proper puppy now though LOOOOOK! A mole no more! Look HOW CUTE! I hope he doesn’t mind us all staring at him right up in his face for a few days! 

Now his eyes are open he’s walking about SO much more! One morning  I can just picture finding him out of his fort that we’ve made him and Mia on the floor somewhere!


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