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Putting Some Love Back In To My Hair.


Alright bambinos!

Hope we’re all having a lovely week! The weather isn’t as great as it once was, we’re now in that awkward in between stage which I usually despise, but I’m trying to entertain it! One morning it’ll look cold af outside, then it gets to 1 o’clock and you’re sweating your tits off and deeply regretting the jumper/jeans you put on. I’m gonna make something regarding outfits etc in another post soon so keep your eyes out, but I thought maybe this week would be nice to do a kinda hair style ideas? I don’t know if you guys have long or short hair bc I can’t see who reads these (ofc) but when its humid af i just want to sling my hair high up in a bun and embrace my inner Miss Trunchball! But I need to find some ideas and put the effort in to learn these things! If you have any suggestions or links to photos/videos you think would suit longish hair do chuck them in the comments!

I actually got balayage (pronounced bal-ay-age) back in May and really want to go back and get it done a little lighter because I love the blonde bits they put in and now it’s starting to fade! I just think at the moment I need to rekindle with my strands and give it some love! I already do chuck some nice shampoos and conditioners in it… But ALAS! It’s 2018, I’m gonna make some more effort with my bloody mop!

Something I’d love to learn to do is French plaits! I so so so soooo want to learn but its just so bloody hard and i get severe arm ache! My mum seems to like doing it for me still, but I mean I’m 20! It would be nice to let her go to sleep and not pester her about plaiting my hair at 10pm! (Sorry mum!)



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