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I had a little ol’ mooch around town with Meg (my sister) the other day and went into Superdrug for a little wander around and looking at some make up bits. I found the Tanya Burr Cosmetics shelf and noticed almost, if not everything, was under £4! They must have been on clearance, so I figured although its wayyyyy too late, I wanted to do a little review of it all!

This palette was the first thing I got my hands on, and its called the Enchanted Dream eye palette. I actually picked this up for like £2.50?! I wish I’d bought another one or two for that price because these four shades are amazing! I also just LOVE the packaging of this! The light purple come violet colour is sooo gorgeous! I think the little almost holographic(?) stars on the front is such a cute finishing touch too!

The colours in this palette are MY kinda colours too, as they are a little more nudey which I feel like really suit me?! I absolutely adore the Berry Soufflé shade, and it is superrr pigmented! 


This palette is up next, it’s called the Peachy Glow Cheek Palette which I got for £3.99, which was probably the most expensive of all the products I bought! *tsk* Still cheap as bloody chips, I know! I’m not really a bronzing kind of person, but I might use it if I’m going on a night out or maybe in the summer… But I love the blush and shimmer shades in this palette! I’m not really a major blusherer, but I really liked the colour of this so I think I’ll make a conscious effort to use this some more! I love this shimmer though! I like to have a little bit of shimmer on my cheeks and this is just the right kind of shimmer for me because its not toooo out there and BOOM there it is! 

I saw this matte lipstick after which was £2.99. The shade is in Martha Moo,  which is such a cute name! It’s a bea.utiful pinky colour! I don’t think it really suits me personally though, but then I don’t usually wear any sort of lipsticks so of course it’s gonna look weird! I tell you what though, once this baby’s on your lips, you will have a hard job to get it off again!

My last product from Tanya Burr Cosmetics was this Selfie Sculpt Dark Eyebrow Pencil £2.99. It’s absolutely fab packaging! I love the gold and black fancy writing. The idea of it is great too because it has a little eyebrow brush on one side and then like a crayony side which you can twist and you can apply the product. I wasn’t too fond on the crayony pencil though, you twist to roll it up, but you have to press pretty hard to actually get anything onto ya eyebrows! I think I’ll be sticking to my Collection Eyebrow Kit for now!


Have any of you guys tried these products? What were your thoughts on them? Also, do you have any recommendations for eyebrow palettes


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