The Duvet Set Of Dreams ♥

ANOTHER Duvet Set??

Yeeaa Boiiii!

Yesssss, I'm back with YET ANOTHER duvet set that I am truly OBSESSSSSSSED with this month... I swear, I'm not a duvet set hoarder, although at the moment that's what it currently looks like! This was just too fab not to grab from Argos! It's just soooo cuuuute with the little pastelyyyy (is that a word?) paper cranes on, and gives me all the SPRING feeeeels!

I managed to cop this one in the ol' January sales! Although I must admit, I have had it since about mid January, but I didn't want to overload you with duvet sets! Also this is just the PERFECT Spring duvet set which just lightens up your room! Ngl though, I'm just waiting for the moment my black lab Mia jumps onto my bed and leaves a TON of black hairs on it and ruins it! So for now I have to live with the both of them looking at me with them puppy eyes, because if one can't come up, then neither can the other! 

Anyway back to the bedding! This beautiful duvet set was an ABSOLUTE BARGAIN, AGAIN! Yep, I am the duvet set bargain hunter! Not a hoarder! A bargain hunter! Are you ready to find out how much it was? *drum roll*

£5... YEAH, you heard me! FIVE. BLINKIN'. POUNDS. From Argos! 

You know what else is fab about this gorgeous set? IT'S ONLY FLIPPIN' REVERSABLE! OH YEEAAAH!

ANOTHER Duvet Set??

Okay, that's it. Sorry, I got too excited and wanted to show it off because I absolutely LOVE it! If you want to grab one yourself its  >>>> here!

Although, its not £5 last time I checked *sad face*