The Earrings I Need To Wear More!


Good morning, afternoon or evening! I’ve had a lot of fun doing this particular blog post! Over the course of this year I have slowly become more and more interested in earrings. It’s weird to think literally a few years ago I couldn’t think of anything worse than hooped earrings, nowadays this is literally all i wear in my ears, which has left quite a few of my other earrings (i still love ofc) left in my draws untouched for a while! Anyway I was doing one of those deep af cleans in my room and I came across all my other earrings and I made a mental note to myself to switch it up from the hoop earrings and actually give these guys some more love!



First up are these cuties from Boohoo Link >> Here <<

I bought these originally for my holiday this year because I wanted to spice up my earring collection, but I only wore them once and then they have been chilling in my draw ever since! I really love them and can totally see me curling up my hair and having these dangling around!


These again are from Boohoo! Link >> Here << Which are another purchase I wanted to wear on holiday but I don’t think I ever did! I think these are really fab and I really wanna wear these with an oversized jumper all comfy!

These last two my cousin actually made herself and they are SO CUTE! I’ll link her Facebook page >> Here << if you want to have a lil look! I think the leopard ones are SERIOUSLY in this autumn because  I swear everyone’s going crazy for prints atm! Although I’m not a major fan of the jumpers etc, I think these are really nice and give a little touch if you aren’t a massive lover yourself!


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