The Jeans And A Nice Top Combo You Need In Your Wardrobe

Abi is wearing a pink wrap blouse from Nasty Gal and black mom jeans from ASOS
Abi wearing a pink wrap blouse from Nasty Gal and black mom jeans from ASOS - her new fave new jeans and a nice top combo!

Going out with the girls? Not sure what to wear? Pop on some jeans and a cute top.

Date night: whack on some cute jeans a nice top.

Going somewhere nice but not THAT nice? Grab ya trusty jeans and a cute top.

The CLASSIC combo. None of us our strangers to getting dressed up but not toooo dressed up.

Now that the summer months are drawing to a close – which I am quite happy about not going to lie to you – you probably won’t be able to walk out of Byron Burger (my restaurant of choice) without freezing ya nips off in a skirt or dress, so sometimes jeans and a nice top can do us ladies all very well.

Close up of Abi wearing the same outfit - wearing a doubled up shell necklace from Primark

The Top

This has become my God Tier top just in GENERAL. I don’t think it deserves “nice” though, I think it deserves FABULOUS or STUNNING. I got it off of Depop (I’m finding some fab pieces on there right now) but it’s originally Nasty Gal. I love the peplum style and the colour THE COLOUR. I don’t think I usually wear that much pink, but the shade on this is just gorgeous!

I tried to find you a link to this top but it’s sold out *waaaah* but I’ve linked some similar styled blouses below.

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The Jeans

Obviously the black jeans are mom jeans – I’m all about mom jeans at the moment! Also bought from Depop but originally ASOS. They are a fab stretchy sort of material so I can bust some moves if absolutely necessary.

The Trainers

Obvs you could dress this bad boy up or down depending on the desired “dressy-ness”, but I opted for trainers for ultimate comfort. Nike’s courtesy of my sister – thanks beb x

What’s your favourite go to cute top when you’re going out? DM me and lets obsess over this together.


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