That Jumper For Cosy Dayyyyys

The weather can’t seem to make up it’s mind at the moment! We’re still in the wintery kind of stage so it’s still cold af, but I just want it to be Spring already so bad! It’s either super sunny outside but fricken cold as soon as you step outside, or it’s bloody SNOWING?! Anyway, I really wanted to find a jumper to wear that’s big, baggy and keeps me super warm in, so I can just chill in it all day at home when its freezing cold outside, get ALLL the really cosy vibes in whilst of course, binge watching Friends to my hearts content on Netflix!

I found this fab oversized, chunky bright striped jumper on ASOS and I absolutely LOVE it! It’s SOOOO big! I tried looking on ASOS to link it to you but they only show a dress version now, so I don’t reckon they have it anymore! *sad face* But as I was looking for it, there were SO many more chunky knits which were calling my name. but I have wayyyy too many jumpers a the moment…

I think the colours go so nicely together! When I saw it online I knew it was going to be THAT jumper that I could just throw on when I’m having a lazy day with some black leggings or something, and honestly it’s just the most comfortable thing! I have to roll up the sleeves if I want to do anything because they are SOOooOO long, but that just adds to the cosy-ness I think?

(I know I can’t pose for shit, I’M TRYING!)


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