The Jumpsuit That Just Keeps Giving!

The Jumpsuit That Just Keeps Giving from Miss Selfridge
The Jumpsuit That Just Keeps Giving! from Miss Selfridge

A bit of an odd title I know, but just wait!

Recently I have been fixated on trying to find a jumpsuit that I can wear casually dossing around the house or dress up and make look really good if i was going out somewhere nice. I tried quite a few, but I had a style in mind that I thought I liked and you know when you have that image in your head, it's hard to think about anything else looking good! I wanted to find a nice polka dot or stripe jumpsuit. I found one on Monki and got super excited, ordered it, tried it on, and looked like a sack of potatoes. Literally. I hated it. I needed to try it though to realise that i didn't suit it so I could open my brain to other styles and that's when I found this GEM in the Miss Selfridge sale!

Although it's quite thin I think it's really fitting for this kind of weather at the moment because you could just throw a jumper or something over the top until like 11AM when it gets bloody boiling! I also wouldn't usually go for red but I'm REALLY glad I took the plunge and gave it a whirl because I really love it! You just need to wear the right knickers!

The Jumpsuit That Just Keeps Giving! from Miss Selfridge
The Jumpsuit That Just Keeps Giving! from Miss Selfridge

Ok now to explain the title of the blog post title. I didn't realise until I scrolled passed the jumpsuit again a few days later, THE JUMPSUIT CAN BE WORN BOTH WAYS MY FIRENDS! Yep! BOTH WAYS! So you can literally wear one side and be all chilled and casual, maybe dress it up a bit if you're going somewhere nice, and then if you want to go OUT OUT, turn it around and boom. A completely different take on the jumpsuit! The first time I actually wore it I had the front you're seeing a the back and I didn't even realise that I had bought something I could wear... BOTH WAYS!

Okay excitement over. Link to the jumpsuit is  >> HERE << if you want to have a lil look!

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