11 • 01 • 19 | The Lust List!

This week especially I’ve been having major online shopping withdrawals, with Christmas being over I now have absolutely NO idea what I want to wear. It’s too cold for me to live in culottes, so I am returning to jeans *grimaces*. But I’m learning to love them. Sort of. Just roll on the hot weather!

*Just to let you know, these links are affiliate which means if you love something on here and decide to buy it from my link I have put in, I’ll get a liiiittle bit of commission!*

collage- top and skirts.jpg

First up is this bad boy from Pretty Little Thing. I have loved this dalmatian print for some time now, and it still seems to be in. I neeeeed to cop myself something like this ASAP!

Next up is this check tie-wasit mini skirt from Newlook! I’m not usually a skirt person, I’m really picky and tbh they aren’t the most practical a lot of the time. But I really love this pattern atm and it doesn’t have pleats sooooo that means there’s not going to be a knickers to the wind moment which I always used to be constantly afraid of at school.

OOOOOOOFFF. This top I am proper lusting over. I missed out on the Monki craze a little while ago when something similar to this became popular, but this is superrrr cute, and it’s a Pretty Little Thing number again so it’s not crazy expensive eyy!

collage- trousers and bags.jpg

I know I sound like a bit of a drone, but I have had my eye on THESE forever. No that wasn’t an exaggeration. And for £11, I think I might just have to get them! What can I say I’m a sucker for trousers, if you couldn’t already tell.

Next uppppp is this transparent bag, I know I know it’s reaaaaaal unpractical because everyone’s going to see your tampons juggling around in there, but it just looks sick. I can just see myself swinging this around town, maybe minus the tampons though. Am I the only one who really fancies these?? Please tell me I’m not.

Ngl I’m still obsessing over teddy coats. More specifically this teddy coat. It just looks SOOoooOOO cosy and fluffy. I’m looking at my other picks below and I think I’m having a coat obsession??

You can’t go wrong with a small bag, and this is so cute right? It’s a green shoulder bag from Newlook and I’ve just realised I barely have any green in my wardrobe. This needs to change!

collage- coats.jpg

Ok, so my last picks are coats. My statement confirmed, I have a coat obsession. The first one being this black and white houndstooth coat. I actually bought one of these the other week and I feel like it instantly makes any outfit smart. You could literally wear a black jeans and a top and boom. Smart?

Second (third) pick is thisssss green tailored coat from Newlook (obvs). I feel like I’d wear this like the model is, a perfect coat to dress up any outfit again. I really like this hoodie and coat combo atm, I’ve seen so many people on Instagram doing it but feel like I couldn’t pull it off. I’m trying to get a bit out of my comfort zone again clothing-wise. Last year it was about colour and I feel like this year should just be the year where I need to just wear whatever the hell I want to wear because I like it, instead of not wearing it because it doesn’t suit me!

Last but not least, another freakin’ teddy coat! This lilac teddy coat makes me feel just like the previous teddy coat, it looks cosy and comfy and something I could throw on during these awkward weeks where it’s still cold AF!