The Mini Bag I’ll Be Wearing All Autumn

The AW19 Abisblog Bag has surfaced guys and gals. It’s a mini bag.

Brush the bamboo bags aside – but keep it for next year because those bad boys are a STAPLE for summer. This autumn and winter for me though is allll about MINI BAGS.

Abi wearing a basic white top, blue mom jeans, a black headband with pearls scattered around it, and a mustard snake print mini bag in hand
Abi squatting on a wall swinging mini bag

You may think they are illogical. You may be right.

You may think you won’t be able to fit much in there. You may be right.

BUT THEY ARE CUTE AS HECK. And I only tend to take my keys and phone out with me nowadays anyways… They are also the cutest things to swing around town with!

So all you will be seeing me with this season are these cute little guys! I think they are the sweetest little addition to an outfit, I’m not much of a bag gal so the smaller the better really.

Abi flicking hair and looking off to the left
Abi sat on wall presenting mini bag

I found this beauty from Depop – which I’ve really been trying to shop from more often. Over the last month or so I’ve really been thinking about the impact I have on the environment, and although I am partial to a Primark trip every once in a while, I have really been trying to buy from charity shops and Depop to shop a bit more sustainably!

If you’re looking to buy a mini bag I have SOO many saved on my Depop – my username is abinunn999 if you want to take a look – sometimes Depop can be a lot cheaper than going online elsewhere too, but if not I’ve linked you to a few mini bags which are similar from Newlook etc.


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