The Plan For My Blog This Year

2019 seems to be off to a fab start for me motivation-wise at the moment. Usually at this point last year I lost it and had no idea what to post, and it was very quiet over on Abisblog. I don’t think it was until like February I started to slowly picking it up again. Very slowly I might add. But this year it’s been very different. I think it’s because I’m putting a lot more effort into this blogging thing, but I have some small goals/plans for my blog which I would love to do this year.

Go email them brands!

I’ve been reading quite a few blog posts from other bloggers who are acing it at the moment, and I feel like I might finally sort myself out and get emailing those brands! At the end of the day what’s the worst they could say? No. At least then I’ve given it my best shot, and although I get a few emails about collaborating with some brands, I have some in mind that I would absolutely LOVE to get the opportunity to work with, and I need to go out and get it myself instead of sitting around doing nothing!

create and use A mailing list

I read Vix Meldrew’s blog post about increasing blog traffic >here< and I feel I missed out big time by not starting an email list sooner! So something for me to get stuck into this year is creating newsletters reminding you all when I upload a post! I just need to get my head around making a decent template…

Use Pinterest

I’ve started pinning again guys and gals! If you don’t follow my Pinterest, why not? I have all sorts of boards, obviously doggos being one of my favourite. But I’m going to try and see whether I can use Pinterest properly to increase my blog traffic. I’ve seen people like Jade who has absolutely smashed Pinterest, I’l put her Pinterest > here < so you can see what I mean! I feel like some people just get it and are so successful on some platforms, so we’ll see!

Up my Insta game

I have had a good old look at my Instagram lately and found that bloody hell have I improved over the year that I have had the account. I’ll pop a comparison photo below so you can see the difference between last February when I started the blog and wasn’t really sure what to post and now. There’s A LOT more of my face. But just seeing this comparison makes me want to improve it even more? Like I’m already getting excited to make some summer content? Who is this? This isn’t Abi.

Don’t put on the pressure

Last year I got V pressured to be making content and when I didn’t have any ideas I got really down and felt an enormous amount of pressure to be constantly posting things. I felt like I had to be creating these big fat long blog posts with loads of photos, when in reality although these are really nice to get into at times, doing this all the time will probably bore people. I know if I was constantly met with a huge amount of text I’d probably just look at the photos and the headlines and then bugger off. So this year there’s going to be a variety.

Have you got any plans for this year?


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