The RED Bag!

As I said on my previous blog post >> See Here << My aim this year is to inject some MAJOR colour into my wardrobe!

I’m starting to get reaaaaally bored of living in my comfort zone at the moment. This winter I have fallen into some old faithful jeans and worn them to death, it feels like! I’ve also been living in the same black coat for a little while too now. Don’t get me wrong I love them, I just feel like its time to blast some colour back, and refresh my wardrobe a lil bit! This bag is just the new bright colour I needed, and jeez I am in LOVE with it!

This backpack was a cheeky NewLook purchase, at £15.99! >> See Here << BUT its more than just a regular backpack… You know why? Change a few hooks and it turns into a bag too! So whether you want something to just throw over your shoulder, or you want to use it as a backpack, the option is there! 

I’m feeling like I just need to buy a few things that are completely OUT of my comfort zone and usual colour scheme, and just have some fun experimenting with clothes! I may find some trousers or tops that look absolutely hideous or, I could find something absolutely fab! Either way, it’ll be fun! And I’ll definitely be sharing either of them with you, whatever the result is! 




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