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The Stripy Top!

How’s everyone enjoying this amazing weather? I for one am absolutely loving it! It’s an excuse to get some people round for the evening and have a BBQ, eat ALL the burgers and Pringles and just have a great laugh!

I had a cheeky wander round the NewLook sale the other week and I found the cutest top which was an absolute bargain! I mean I can’t remember how much I paid for it, but I saw it and knew I’d love it! I feel like its the perfect “nice top” if you’re going out with the gals. Pair it with a denim skirt or some skinny jeans, throw ya hoop earrings on and some heels and boom! Lovely! If you wanted to wear something nice to a BBQ with the fam or just want to wear something nice I feel like this can do either! Dress it casual with a pair of trainers (or sandals in this bloody heat!) and you’re away!

Everybody’s got to love a bit of stripe! I for one am a bit obsessed! A stripy top was an instant yes in my eyes tbh, and these colours just scream summer to me! Ngl I do tend to go to monochrome city with my stripes, so its a nice change to actually see some colour chucked into the mix! I love it! I absolutely love the sleeves, although I’d make sure you shave your armpits in case of awkward hairy pit exposure! If you’re ballsy too you could probably go braless *gasps*. Depends how I’m feeling tbh, on this particular day I just chucked a bandeau underneath which I quite liked actually. Not up for a cleavage day? This seems to do the trick!

I’ve paired it with my trusty black culottes, which I’m not sure whether makes me look like a tit because of the double tie combo or looks ok? Let me know what you think. I’d definitely pair it with a denim skirt or just some skinny jeans though if I wanted to dress it up a bit more if I was going out out!

What’s your staple top at the mo’ for little occasions?


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