Travelling Essentials!

It’s major holiday season RN! I’m loving it! Kind of jealous now because I’m back from mine and everybody’s off lovin’ life and soaking the sun alllll up! I figured since this is like prime holiday time I’d share a little “Travelling Essentials” post!

Lets start with the most obvious travelling essential. If you’re going abroad. PASSPORT. I always like to print of confirmations of flights, seats etc. A little “just in case” for my brain! This year we went to Turkey and we had to buy visas to enter the country. We did this previously online because it saves the hassle of buying it when you’re over there!

Sunglasses this time of year is a given ofc. Save yourself from constant squinting in the sun and chuck 65 pairs in ya bag just in case. If you’re anything like our family, we were out nearly every night because someone’s had broken!

I feel like a big essential for me whilst travelling is Netflix now. I downloaded all the Friday Night Dinner available, including on 4OD and just watched all of the episodes I could during the flight there and back. I bloody love that show. But it just makes the time go so much faster!

If its chilly in the UK I would consider taking a change of shorts etc if youre travelling to a hot country. Otherwise you will sweat like mad. I made that mistake last year. I wore black and some light trousers and felt like I was melting into the coach when we we’re on the way to the hotel! Another which kinda links with this is hairbands! again you’ll regret it if you don’t because long hair and the sun is just a nasty combo!

A water bottle and snacks are a deffo big essential for flights or any travelling means tbh. Get all the nibbles and water in! Just not too much because I refuse to use the toilets on the plane! I’ll just hold it in for another 2 hours!

Bored of watching Friday Night Dinner on your phone? Take some puzzles or a book you can read/complete to wake yourself up a bit! I am quite a fan of the classic word search ngl! Last year I actually completed the whole puzzle book which I was really proud about (yep sad AF I know). Along with reading like 2/3 books too. I rarely read now but when I do I love it!

When all else fails! Give in and take an eye mask and ear plugs to catch some Z’s! It actually got to the point I was so tired I just fell asleep on the way back from Turkey, but usually I’m such a light sleeper! I hate it!

Some last bits which I like to have with me are:

– Lip balm

– A portable charger

– Hand sanitizer + hand cream!

Going anywhere nice this year? What are your essentials?!



  1. 08/07/2018 / 13:12

    I don’t think I’m going abroad this year as my boyfriend hasn’t saved any money! We are however going on holiday to Cornwall with his family, and Oswestry with mine. It’ll be a much needed staycation!Loved this post 🙂

  2. 29/07/2018 / 19:45

    I’m going to Greece next week, this is so helpful thank you x

    • Abi Nunn
      28/09/2018 / 17:08

      No problem! Hope you had (Sorry for late reply) in Greece! xx

  3. 05/09/2018 / 12:26

    My kindle and headphone are my most important travel essentials. I couldn’t survive without them x

    • Abi Nunn
      28/09/2018 / 17:04

      Oooo I do love a good book to read! I never really read unless I’m on holiday! (should probably change this!) xx

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