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Turning 20!

Happy Birthday toooo MEEEE! 

I’m 20! Ew.

No, I’m actually excited for my birthday now. I was thinking beforehand that now I’m turning 20 I need to be a “proper” adult, whatever that is. I was dreading it. But it’s just a number! I’m still gonna continue being my immature self. I thought hey! Now I’ve almost been going on this blog for a year I’d do like a “so many facts about me” kind of post, and as I’m turning 20, why not do 20 facts about me? So here goes nothing!

1. If you couldn’t tell I’m a major dog lover. Mainly labs and golden retrievers but I’m not picky. If any doggo is gonna give me attention I’m gonna melt!

2. We actually had two litters with our black lab Mia. Currently on our second! Follow the updates here!

3. If I ever became rich I’d probably end up with a mansion full of dogs.

4. It took me three times to pass my driving test. By the last time I had lost a lot of motivation (and money, I was only earning like £180 a month so you can imagine the struggle) ) so just thought “fuck it” and somehow I passed? I got 5 minors each time as well which I guess is consistent?

5. Often I use the wrong word for things. I get ripped for it too! An example of my idiocy “close the light” instead of “turn off the light”. Anybody else get this?

6. I lose my phone ALL… the FRICKEN… time! Its so frustrating! I put it down and a second later I’m asking everyone if they’ve seen my phone or I’ll ask them to ring it. I think they get severely annoyed too tbh.

7. I could watch Friday Night Dinner every. damn. day. I bloody love it! It’s on 4OD. Go watch it and educate yourself if you haven’t seen it already!

8. I’m realllly not fussy on food.

9. McFlurry’s are my weakness. If I’m on a diet and you ask me to go maccies I’m coming and getting me a McFlurry I don’t care.

10. I really want to go to America one day. It’s been circled over a million times over on my bucket list!

11. I worry myself sick if I go travelling abroad. I’ll be really looking forward to going somewhere and then a day before and from then onwards I’m like “what if this” “what if that”. Then I’ll get off the plane and I’m fine!

12. I LIVE in culottes in the warmer weather! As soon as winter is over and it’s socially acceptable to get a bit of ankle out GOOD BYE JEANS!

13. As soon as I get home from work, the bra comes off and I’m in my chill wear. You will not get me out of chill wear very easily!

14. My favourite chocolate bar is probably a Boost bar. Or a Double Decker. Or Fudge. Anything Cadburys really and I’m game, apart from fruit and nut.

15. I can’t cook to save my life. I actually managed to burn rice one evening, my excuse? I wasn’t supervised.

16. I live and breathe sarcasm. 

17. I don’t really have a favourite colour anymore, it used to be like a minty green or a purple.

18. I love me a meme

19. Chandler is my favourite character in Friends, I mean he’s pretty much me in male form, full of sarcasm and makes crap jokes!

 20. If I find a song and I like it, I will play it over and over and over again until I’m sick of it. 


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  1. 30/05/2018 / 14:44

    Happy Birthday! My next bday is my 20th too. It’s so strange seeing people say that going to America is on their bucket list, usually here in America people want to go out hahaha 😂

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